Orange Keys

Orange Keys Members 2023

Mission Statement

The mission of Orange Keys is for quality students to serve as the official hosts and ambassadors for Sam Houston State University (SHSU) at formal university functions. Orange Keys provides leadership experience and scholarship opportunities for members who represent the student body in an excellent manner.


  • Maintain eighteen outstanding members who excel in scholarship, leadership and service.
  • Include members who have been selected through a competitive, well-publicized, clearly organized selection process, open to all qualified students and fair to all applicants.
  • Provide training and information to members that will empower them to perform their duties in an excellent manner.
  • Develop and maintain members who are professional and knowledgeable about SHSU, and helpful to those they serve at all times.
  • Provide guidelines for an evaluation of individual member performance.
  • Provide recognition of departing members who have successfully completed their obligations as members of Orange Keys.


"Unlocking the potential in the leaders of tomorrow"

Orange Keys are the official ambassadors of SHSU and serve as hosts for university functions such as banquets, luncheons, meetings, speakers, and career fairs. The group was founded in 1959 as a service organization for women. Men joined the group for the first time in 1982. Today, Orange Keys is composed of 18 upper class students and selection to this prestigious group is recognized as one of the highest honors a student can achieve at SHSU. Service, leadership, and academic excellence are the foundations of this elite organization.