Ms. Crystal Brown

Crystal Brown 08-05-2019

I was born in Houston, Texas, but my family roots trace back to Louisiana. I experienced urban and rural life. I was African American, yet Creole. I encountered the complexities of being a part of multiple societies in the United States. Growing up, I wanted to make sense of the things I experienced.

In 2005, I became a student at Sam Houston State University. I enrolled in my first sociology course and received the necessary tools to examine the world.

Sociology helped me understand community, inequality, and identity. As an undergraduate, I attended my first sociological conference. Next, I would be mentored in research at Texas A&M by Dr. Dudley Poston, Dr. Mark Fosset, and Dr. Glenn Bracey. This educational mentoring would help me form the foundation of my own research focusing on inequality in Huntsville, Texas. The City of Huntsville would eventually create safer pathways to school based on the research I conducted. I also joined the sociological honor society, Alpha Kappa Delta. In 2009, I finally received my Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Sam Houston State University.

I decided to enroll in the Masters of Arts program to refine my sociological skills. In graduate school, I went from learning about sociology to becoming a sociologist. I completed my thesis on race, comorbidity, and diabetes. In the summer of 2012, I was awarded a Master of Arts from Sam Houston State University.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." As an instructor of the Sociology Department since 2012, I have been able to embody these words. Sociology ultimately has taught me to be an active member of the surrounding community. I now sponsor young women in conducting charity work and mentorship. I currently serve as the Faculty-In-Residence at Piney Woods hall. I assist in bringing holistic learning experiences to residential Bearkats. My teaching philosophy has been one of excitement, engagement, and empowerment, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Classes Taught: Introduction to Ethnic Studies, Social Problems, and Sociology of Sport

Research Interests: Community, Racial & Ethnic Inequality, Demography

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