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Welcome to the SHSU Clarinet Studio webpage! Below you will find information about our current studio members, clarinet events, prospective student auditions as well as other topics.

Sam Houston State University is a great place to earn your music degree. Students receive weekly lessons in a friendly and positive environment. Our weekly clarinet studio class provides opportunities for students to perform solo and chamber music and discuss a wide variety of topics such as repertoire, performance issues, and pedagogy approaches. The studio also hosts a guest artist each year. In the past, we have enjoyed working with Christian Schubert (clarinetist with the Houston Symphony), Rocco Parisi (international bass clarinet soloist), Richard Nunemaker (bass clarinetist with the Houston Symphony, retired), Robert Spring (Arizona State University), John Scott, (University of North Texas) and many others.

Please let us know if you are interested in visiting campus to observe any rehearsals, music classes and have a complimentary lesson. We hope to see you on campus in the near future!

Clarinet Faculty:

Patricia P. Card, DMA
Professor of Clarinet
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX 77341-2208
Brian Schellberg, MM
Adjunct Instructor, Clarinet
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX 77341-2208

2019-2020 SHSU Clarinet Studio

Camran Ahmed Senior Music education McKinney
Roberto Alvarez Freshman Performance Cypress
Breanna Amszi Sophomore Music education Coldspring
Veejay Andres Senior Music therapy Baytown
Jacob Berlin Senior Music education Waller
Lance "Action" Bielz Sophomore Music education Georgetown
Jacob Bonilla Sophomore Music therapy Pasadena
Sergio Alexander Cabrera Sophomore Music education Cypress
Audrey Caka Senior Music education Willis
Alyson Clarabut Junior Music education Morgantown, PA
Michael Crass Sophomore Music education Spring
Gabby Crouch Sophomore Music education Magnolia
Maranda Daricek Senior Music education Porter
Gabriel Degner Junior Music education Santa Fe
Jenny Duckett Junior Music therapy League City
Olivia Durand Freshman Music education Conroe
Landon Ellis Senior Music education Katy
Morgan Forsyth Sophomore Performance Humble
Isabelle Frakey Junior Music education Magnolia
Claudia Fuenmayor Freshman Criminal justice The Woodlands
Alonso Hernandez Junior Music education College Station
Ceci Hernandez Senior Music education Cypress
Graciela (Gracie) M. Lopez Sophomore Music education Katy
Rick McAntosh Senior Music education Splendora
Ryan Mahler Senior Music education Houston
Kameron Mills Sophomore Music education Texas City
Josue Moreno Senior Music therapy Buda
Britleigh Nettuno Senior Music education Huntsville
Joseph Nguyen Senior Music education Cypress
Ebony Parson Junior Music education San Antonio
Joel Patino Jr. Sophomore Music education Shepherd
Dennis Pena Junior Music education Houston
Trebor Powell Freshman Music education Cypress
Emmy Ramos Masters Wind conducting Houston
Ayrana Silgero Rocha Senior Music education Houston
Oscar Saldana Sophomore Music education Houston
Evan Stevena Sophomore Music education Wharton
Allyson Whitsitt Masters Wind conducting Dallas
Ivan Umanzor Junior Music education Cypress
Andrew Wilson Freshman Music education Houston

Clarinet Events

Fall 2019

October 10, 2019

Clarinet Faculty Recital

Recital Hall


November 2, 2019

Britleigh Nettuno, student recital

Recital Hall


November 3, 2019

Aryana Silgero Rocha, student recital

Recital Hall


November 6, 2019

Woodwind Faculty Chamber Recital

Recital Hall


November 10, 2019

Rick McAntosh, student recital

Recital Hall



Audition Information

Sam Houston State University offers a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance, Teacher Certification/Music Education, Music Therapy, Composition as well as a Bachelor of Arts and a Music Minor.   Prospective music students must be accepted by both the University and the School of Music and perform an Entrance Audition. The required paperwork can be found on the prospective student section of the School of Music webpage:

Entrance Audition dates are:

November 16, 2019

February 1, 2020

February 8, 2020

March 21, 2020

If the above dates do not work with your schedule, please contact me to arrange a private audition. Auditions last approximately 15 minutes. Clarinet players should prepare one or two solos or etudes, which demonstrate technical facility as well as lyrical, expressive playing. All-State etudes and UIL solos are acceptable selections. Sight-reading and/or major scales may be requested. An accompanist is not necessary. Music may be used.

The School of Music offers substantial music scholarships based on your entrance audition. In additional, there are other scholarship opportunities that can be earned while attending Sam Houston based on merit, GPA, and service to the University.


Clinic Handouts

Beginning Band is Over: Are the Clarinets Ready for your Performing Group?

At the end of the first year of band, clarinet students often lack the refinement needed to successfully contribute to a performing ensemble. Focusing on unique problems associated with the advancing clarinetist, this clinic will provide suggestions and exercises designed to develop the essentials skills required of a capable clarinet section.

Texas Music Educators Association Convention
San Antonio, TX
February 17, 2006

TMEA Handout

Fear Factor: Finding Woodwind Chamber Music

This clinic is designed to introduce new repertoire for various combinations of woodwind instruments; repertoire is appropriate for intermediate to advanced high school/college students. The combinations include:

flute, oboe and clarinet;
flute, oboe and bassoon;
flute, clarinet and saxophone;
oboe, clarinet and bassoon

flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon;
oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone;

Texas Bandmasters Association Convention
San Antonio, TX
July 22, 2006

TBA Handout

Little Steps to the Big Break

When clarinet students first join band, they enter a whole new world, one that is fresh, novel and fun. As the year progresses, certain aspects of the clarinet can become quite challenging. One of the more difficult areas is conquering the technique required to go over the break. Without proper guidance, many students become frustrated, dejected and may even quit. The following article will concentrate on this issue and suggest a systematic approach to introducing and mastering the break.

Texas Bandmasters Association Newsletter
Spring 2009

TBA article

The Mechanics of Breathing

This clinic discusses the various elements involved in proper breathing required for clarinet performance. Basic anatomy, types of breathing, air capacity and awareness exercises are included.

Texas Clarinet Colloquium, Texas A&M University--Commerce
March 5, 2011

The Mechanics of Breathing outline

Performance Guides for Association of Texas Small School Bands

The performance guides are designed to give the ATSSB clarinetist a deeper understanding of how to approach learning and performing these etudes. Suggestions are included for the entire five year rotation.

Texas Bandmasters Association Convention
San Antonio, TX

ATSSB Handout (PDF)

The ABCs of the Clarinet Ts: Tone, Technique and Tongue

Clarinet can be a challenging instrument for students of all ability.  By investigating the clarinet fundamentals of tone, technique and tongue, most problematic issues can be identified and improved regardless of age.  Card will give suggestions on how to address and resolve some of the most common problems students and their band directors encounter every day.

TMEA Clinic Handout

Texas Music Educators Convention
San Antonio, TX
February 11, 2016

2012 Clarinet Studio Project Texas UIL Class III solo database

In the Fall of 2012, the SHSU Clarinet Studio reviewed, studied and performed a large portion of the repertoire that creates the Class III Bb clarinet solos for Texas UIL. Attached is a database of our findings including title, publisher, pedagogy issues, appealing elements and ensemble issues.

UIL Class III Bb clarinet solo database (PDF) International Clarinet Association American Music Therapy Association Southwestern Region of The American Music Therapy Association Texas Music Educators Association Association of Texas Small School Bands Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals