Graduate Diagnostics

All students pursuing Master of Music graduate degree programs must take and satisfy the Graduate Music Diagnostic Exam, administered by the SHSU music faculty, prior to the first semester of residence. The exam includes questions concerning music history, music theory, and if required, foreign language and diction (Vocal Performance, Choral Conducting, and Collaborative Piano/Chamber Music only). The purpose of the Graduate Music Diagnostic Exam is to evaluate each student’s general musical knowledge and identify deficiencies.  Students deficient in any area will be required to retake and pass the Diagnostic Exam before they can schedule their M.M. comprehensive oral examination.


Typically, the diagnostic exams are administered the week/weekend before the beginning of the fall semester. Information regarding specific exam dates and locations will be sent via email.


Diagnostic Exams are not required for the Performer’s Certificate or the Artist Diploma.


Study guides for Music History and Music Theory:

Music History

Music Theory

Contact Dr. Deborah Popham, graduate advisor, with any questions: