Graduate Studies in Music

The following checklist serves as a guide through the School of Music admission process.

The SHSU School of Music welcomes new student applications year-round. Applicants must apply for admission to the university as well as to the School of Music. Acceptance into the School of Music is contingent upon admittance to the university. Please visit the SHSU Admissions website for more information on eligibility requirements.

**Due to uncertainties regarding COVID-19, video recordings are required (where applicable) to be submitted with your School of Music application for all auditions. Your media upload must include all of the required audition repertoire for your instrument. Please review the requirements carefully and follow the instructions for your instrument. You will be notified as to whether the audition will be live or virtual a minimum of two weeks prior to your selected audition date. 

In the event of a live audition, you will be assigned a time on your selected audition date. You will perform your required repertoire for the audition panel, in addition to any sight-reading required for your instrument.

​In the event of a virtual audition, your videos will be reviewed by the audition panel. Additionally, you may be contacted by the applied instructor/area coordinator regarding a possible Zoom follow up to occur on your selected audition date or at an arranged time, which will include sight reading if required for your instrument. The audition panel may also request to hear you play your pieces at this time as well.

Application Checklist

*Prospective students must submit two writing samples, including a Personal Statement and a scholarly writing sample. In the Personal Statement, explain your interest in pursuing graduate studies in your area of specialty and your career plans/goals following graduate school. The second writing sample should represent your best scholarly writing about music, such as a research paper from a previous music theory or music history course or, for music therapy candidates, a professional document from a work setting. This scholarly writing sample should demonstrate your ability to utilize and appropriately cite reputable references, and should showcase your capacity to synthesize information from various sources and create new interpretations of that information. Both samples will be assessed for content, as well as the mechanics of your writing, including sentence structure, word choice, sentence and paragraph length, punctuation, and spelling. For a final admissions decision, writing samples do not constitute the sole criterion for consideration of the applicant, nor do writing samples constitute the primary criterion to end consideration of an applicant. The applicant’s writing samples will be compared with those of other applicants from similar socioeconomic backgrounds to the extent that those backgrounds can be properly determined and identified by the School of Music’s admissions process.