Note: Degree program previously referred to as Liberal Studies and General Studies.

Thoughts from the Graduates

"The degree in General Studies is an opportunity in that it allows the student to focus in three areas of the student’s choice, instead of focusing on one area. It can work very well especially if the student is not sure about what interests her at the university or what area of work she wishes to pursue. The General Studies degree is also a great degree for a stepping stone into a higher education level, as the broad curriculum can make a great foundation.

If I had the opportunity to take university all over again, I would still pick General Studies because I feel it has been very influential on my college career and has expanded and developed my knowledge on many different subjects and cultural understanding, particularly of America. As an International Student this has been particularly helpful. I would feel confident in discussing many different topics and subjects through these studies."

Kimberly Alderson
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"Deciding on a college major cannot only be one of the most exciting times of one’s life, but also the most critical. I am a firm believer in the old adage, “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Therefore, when it came time for me to declare a major, I was thrilled that the General Studies program was available here at Sam Houston State University. The General Studies major was a wonderful choice for me because it provided me with a more well-rounded education, allowing me to combine several subjects of my interest. When exploring my choices for the three minors to coincide with my General Studies degree, I chose Psychology, Sociology, and Human Services. 

Overall, my three minor choices have impacted me in a very positive way. This degree plan has given me direction in life and after graduation in May, I would like to apply to graduate school with the plan of someday becoming a licensed school counselor. I believe my education in Psychology, Sociology, and Human Services has given me a great start in the world of counseling."

Alisha Biscoe
Sam Houston Graduate 2017
Currently working on her MA in Counseling at SHSU

A college degree is a major accomplishment. Once you earn it no one can take it away. It is gratifying to obtain these types of accomplishments for an individual. The General Studies degree has given many non-traditional students the opportunity to complete a degree with three minors. Most individuals seeking the General Studies degree have chosen the degree for various reasons. I chose the General Studies degree because I have been in college off and on for many years. I changed majors several times and with this degree I will complete three minors. My three minors are Family and Consumer Sciences – Interior Design, Art History, and Business Communications.

I do believe that most educators would find the three minors I chose very different, but I feel that they relate in many ways in each area. The General Studies major is a great way for those students who are non-traditional students to complete a degree. I am thankful for the opportunity to do so."

Kim Childress
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"Choosing three different subjects to be your expertise is a unique thing. From a very young age, becoming a well-rounded individual has always been important to me and something that I value. I chose to earn my Bachelor’s degree in General Studies for exactly that reason. Having gone to school in Arkansas for my first two years of college and earning my Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I felt as if I wasn’t being exposed to more of the things that I love, such as English and History. I was only learning the things that would make me a good engineer, which is absolutely not a bad thing if that is to be a lifetime career; however, clearly, I was not convinced that was for me. Being knowledgeable about a variety of different subjects is extremely valuable to me in the future, as I am planning on becoming an elementary school teacher, when I earn my degree. The three minors I chose were Mathematics, English, and History.

Mathematics, English, and History are three very different, yet all extremely valuable subjects of learning. As previously stated diversity and well-roundedness are some things that I believe are highly beneficial and will greatly contribute to my success in my field of study. Being knowledgeable about multiple areas makes for greater opportunities and supplies a greater understanding of the world we live in."

Shayna Daniels
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"Becoming a college graduate is a significant achievement and one that I have spent ten years of my life pursuing. What drew me toward the General Studies degree was the freedom offered to a person like myself, with many interests that don’t fit in the conventional degree plans. Over the past ten years, my unique interests and life experiences have led me to a General Studies degree minoring in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and General Business.

While psychology, criminal justice, and business may seem like a disjointed choice of minors, I find that they suit my needs, interests, and ambitions perfectly. My goals and career plans definitely transformed over the past ten years, but at the same time so have I. I am currently a Customer Service Director at the same local A/C company. I use pieces of what I learned from business and psychology on a daily basis.  I am grateful that I was able to find my way to this university and had the ability to major in General Studies so that I could achieve my personal goal of earning a Bachelor’s degree."

Sabrina Hegefeld
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"Unknown to me 30 years ago after graduating from High School, was that my career path would change direction so many times. I believe now that for some, it takes many years to develop career interests that are not specifically motivated by the potential for financial success. Age has a way of making you aware of what is important verses what is not. What is important to me is that I have a healthy body and mind along with a solid understanding and appreciation for the evolution and history of our existence. After studying the components of wellness for twenty-five years, it has occurred to me that included in its scope is the ability to use your brain continuously in a learning capacity.

It is through health education that I have been given opportunities to teach people the fundamentals of wellness and reduce the risk of disease. It is through psychology coursework that I now understand the relationship between the mind and body and the influence of mental health on physical health. It is through my studies in History, Health and Psychology that I have learned about the world-wide advances, events, and contributions that have led us to where we are today; in this our understanding and lessons learned can, in a sense, be called the preventative medicine of our global future."

Krista Malizia-Grzyb
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"Earning a college degree is a huge commitment of time and money which is worth the investment. College degrees open up many opportunities in life, while preparing you socially and intellectually for your future careers. In choosing a General Studies degree, you are able to customize your education to fit your interest, while gaining a broad foundation of skills that can be applied to a range of careers. I have always enjoyed learning about history and hope to share my love of history with others by becoming a high school History or Social Studies teacher. To achieve this, I chose to minor in Sociology, Geography, and History for my General Studies degree to form a well-rounded base for my future career.

Choosing these three intertwined studies gives me a more rounded view of our world. These studies will aid me in my goal of being a successful teacher. Having the ability to diversify my academic studies by graduating with a General Studies degree will afford me more teaching opportunities in my future career."

Krystalyn Patschke
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"A majority of the time, young adults automatically apply to college directly out of high school. Unless you enlist in the military, or a trade school, a college degree has become the norm of life. Sam Houston State University offers a complete online degree program, which is beneficial for those of us who work full time and desire to earn a degree. General Studies is the degree which I am currently earning, because it was the most insightful to accommodate my needs in a degree for future endeavors, and fitting around my schedule.

I am earning my degree in order to fulfill a life goal of a college degree, and to better myself in my position. The three minors of Business Marketing, Business Management, and Animal Science are not only interesting, but they will help me throughout the rest of my career and life. In my opinion, I think the General Studies degree is a perfect opportunity for students who do not necessarily want to focus on a particular subject, rather than allow the student to learn several subjects at once. I think it is most fitting for someone obtaining a complete online degree."

Christopher Porche
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"What does it take to be a good education teacher? You must know that all students, and their learning styles, are different. One should be knowledgeable and passionate about the subject they preach. Being able to manage time, stress, and your classroom is a necessity. Finally, you should set high standards for your students while still trying to form a bond with them. Though this may appear overwhelming, I believe that the three minors I have chosen—Psychology, English, and Special Education for my General Studies degree—will ultimately mold me into being a great fifth-grade Language Arts teacher."

Keeley Spoon
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"When I graduated high school, it was almost impossible for me to decide on one major or degree plan. After many semesters of not being satisfied with one particular major, I decided to focus on the course studies that would satisfy all of my wanting. I declared my major in General Studies and focused on three minors that consisted of my highest interests. The General Studies degree plan allowed me to focus on three potential career paths. Having a major of General Studies allows me to expand my options in the job market and to utilize all of my interests to my advantage. The General Studies degree is different from those in one specific major and it can certainly be the most challenging.

I feel that the combination of minors I have selected for my Capstone project complement each other. Each field recommends a combination of one or the other. The General Studies Degree program made it possible for these minors to be used as an agent of one another. The opportunities for this compilation of disciplines is endless."

Tiffany Wallace
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"My path of acquiring a Bachelor’s degree is either a culmination of nonsensical decisions, or the microcosm of my life’s trials and tribulations; depending on one’s perspective. College degrees can represent a great many things. Distinction, commitment, or interests to name a few. A future doctor may choose a specific field of medicine to study, or a potential engineer can pick a medium upon which to design, and then of course, there is the General Studies degree. A General Studies degree is doubtful to be any student’s first choice of focus at the onset of college. Instead, it represents an individual’s journey of self-discovery and uniquely forged passions. My own quest has brought me to pursuing a General Studies degree with minors of Psychology, Sociology, and History

While the road here has been anything but straight, it has been incredibly worthwhile. From a better understanding of how people operate, to analyzing the ebbs and flows of society, to obtaining an appreciation of cultural and historical importance, my General Studies degree is a custom-made map of my higher education adventures. After graduating this May, I will go on to obtain an alternative teaching certificate, and hopefully inspire other to find their own paths."

Joshua Wilson
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"The reason I selected my three minors was an exercise of self-awareness. In fact, I am still learning things about myself that most people may know earlier in their undergraduate career. I am a first generation college student so my advice in completing higher education was different than most. I originally went to college to become a nurse because it seemed smart. I realized soon after it was not something I wanted to pursue. I decided after going through some career counseling and mentoring that I should focus on disciplines that I was passionate about and form a career from that. I chose Health, Political Science, and History. I wanted to know more about History as it intrigued me in high school but I didn’t take it seriously; I only wanted the Cliff notes. Political Science seemed to give my History education a bit of structure and understanding of different systems of government. Health is important to me as I see a consistent trend in our nation of overeating and obesity. My minors are my platform to helping create a better tomorrow one young student at a time.

My pursuit of understanding more about myself, the great state of Texas, and this nation have prepared me to guide misguided children and show them how to appreciate what we have. It may not be perfect but we have a rich history to learn from, a system of government that allows improvement, and finally, enough data to teach us that it really starts with making smart choices with who we are as people. History, Political Science, and Health are teaching me to be a better citizen."

Teandria Wilson
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"After starting college in 1996, I chose business because I really didn’t have a direction I wanted to go, other than my parents telling me what to do. Over the past 20 years, I have fought to try and finish my degree, and never thought I would be able to, until recently. My passion lies in Psychology and Sociology, while all of my life experience remains in Business.

With all three of these minors, I feel that they will serve me when teaching to help understand and better serve my students. I feel that I have learned more about myself and my understanding of others in pursuing this degree."

Michelle Wright
Sam Houston Graduate 2017

"Several years ago I had made up my mind that I didn’t need a college degree to succeed in the workforce, and that I had no need to finish my degree to get the type of job I deserved. I had that mindset until I interviewed for a job with Allstate that I didn’t get because I was told I needed a degree. That was the statement that made me realize I needed to finish my degree. A General Studies degree plan allows a student to truly pick which subjects they wish to learn about. I chose the strongest combination that I could think of which included General Business, Marketing, and Political Science.

The strong combination of minors I chose will benefit me in life after college because all three overlap. Being able to have three minors also allowed me to pick and choose which classes fit my schedule professionally, and gave me the opportunity to learn about subjects and topics that I not only have a passion for but will benefit the future company I will work for."

Joshua Douglas
Sam Houston Graduate 2016

"Earning a college degree has been a goal of mine since I was in high school; however, due to my interest in several different areas, I never was set on a particular major. After looking at my options, I thought a business degree would be beneficial for multiple real world settings; however, my true passion lies in being outdoors and learning about both wild and domestic animals. These two thoughts combined, landed me in a place that I thought I would have to choose one or the other. To my surprise, when I transferred to Sam Houston State University, I learned I would be able to participate in both the Business School and in the School of Agriculture. I ultimately chose to major in General Studies with my three minors being Business Marketing, Business Management, and Animal Science.

I believe these three minors are a perfect fit for me, because they turn my academic focus towards what will benefit me in my future career field. With the help of the Sam Houston State University General Studies program, I believe that when I graduate I will possess all the weapons that I need to be successful."

Jake Eaves
Sam Houston Graduate 2016

"A college degree is important to compete in today’s workforce, but the pursuit of it is just as important for improving social skills, time management, and networking. The world continues to change and the discovery of new ways to accomplish daily tasks makes it important to keep up with new trends. A college education will offer the best opportunity for finding a job that will provide welcome challenges as well as financial security.

A degree in General Studies allows for flexibility in choosing a long term career; the options of available employment will be broader, due to the extensive knowledge obtained in three fields of study versus just one. The three minor fields of study I chose are Health, Spanish and Criminal Justice and how they are intertwined in the world today."

Dina Herrick
Sam Houston Graduate 2016

"Attaining a college degree, let alone selecting the specific degree, is an immensely difficult test of endurance and perseverance. The General Studies degree path allows students an opportunity to create a personalized education. Where traditional majors focus on one area of study, the General Studies program allows for broader educational focuses to fit a student’s specific goals. My selections of General Business, Communication Studies, and Psychology allowed me to gain an understanding in multiple areas I deemed valuable to meeting my personal goals of one day owning my own business.

Together, these three minors offer a well-rounded education that fits my personal aspirations. Coupling a broad understanding of business practices, effective communication, and human understanding, they create a comprehensive degree for personal and professional excellence. General studies allows for a more encompassing education as opposed to a more focused approach. While often times the focused approach is beneficial, the ability to construct a specific educational route is invaluable."

Anthony Turner
Sam Houston Graduate 2016

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