Note: Degree program previously referred to as Liberal Studies and General Studies.

Integrated graduates have these marketable skills: Integration of diverse fields and perspectives. Innovative problem-solving abilities. Writing expertise. Collaborative skills. Resourcefulness.

Integrated Studies graduates will be prepared to work in all sectors of the economy. The interdisciplinary practice trains majors in integrating diverse research and perspectives into complex situations; therefore, graduates do well as:

  • Advisors (academic, admissions, financial)
  • Analysts and auditors (cybersecurity, market)
  • Coordinators or administrators (education, healthcare, human resources, and social sciences)
  • Entrepreneurs (arts, business, non-profit)
  • Specialists and developers (editorial, public relations, web, and internet)
  • Managers (risk, project, community service, international sales).
  • Faculty

    The Integrated Studies program welcomes new affiliated faculty: Enrique Mallen, April Shemak, William Whitmire, and Samar Zahrawi. Our affiliates come with rich experience in interdisciplinary research and teaching.

    Montse Feu Lopez

    Montse Feu Lopez, Ph.D.
    Program Coordinator for Integrated Studies
    Faculty for Integrated Studies Required Courses

    B. Mills
    Camille Nguyen
    Olivia Bell
    Latanya Thompson
    Hope Smith
    S. Love
    A. Mittal
    M. Pursely
    R. Wojcik