Integrated Studies

Welcome to the Integrated Studies Program

This new, innovative degree is becoming one of the fastest growing programs at Sam Houston State University. The Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Studies has been completed by 210 students since 2012 and the number of students working toward completing this degree has increased by leaps and bounds! There are currently nearly 197 students enrolled in the program in January of 2020.

This degree is one that the student designs. Students choose three minors in which they are interested and complete these minors along with the state-mandated core curriculum and a few advanced courses in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The final class taken is a capstone course in which students discuss how the minors are blended together into a goal-focused completion.

The program best suits students who have developed a sense of their educational and life goals, and who are looking for ways to express those goals through a self-designed and self-directed university program and is perhaps best suited for the non-traditional student. The program serves the needs of students who want to individualize or create a unique academic program; students who want to obtain a broad program in liberal arts; and/or students who want to prepare for specific career goals and/or graduate school.

Carroll Nardone

Carroll Nardone, Ph.D.
Interim Program Coordinator for Integrated Studies

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SHSU Integrated Studies was ranked one of the top online Bachelor's in Liberal Arts programs by Best Colleges.

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SHSU was ranked one of the top online Bachelor's programs in the country by U.S. News & World Reports.

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