Integrated Studies

Welcome to the Integrated Studies Program!

This innovative degree is becoming one of the fastest-growing programs at Sam Houston State University.

Why Study Integrated Studies?

The Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies is a degree the student designs. Along with the state-mandated core curriculum, students tailor their education by choosing three (3) minors and completing the required advanced coursework.

The Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies combines the state-mandated core curriculum, three minors, and two major foundational courses. The program prepares students to approach their academic and professional goals with this adaptable integration of minors. The program serves the needs of students who have interdisciplinary interests or skills and want a flexible program that stands out to admissions committees and employers by showing the major's versatility.

Montse Feu Lopez

Montse Feu Lopez, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator for Integrated Studies