Minor in Community Leadership

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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department of Sociology, the Center for Community Engagement, and Huntsville community leaders invite you to be part of an interdisciplinary minor in Community Leadership.


Register to take SOCI 3305 in FALL 2020.


The Internship in Applied Sociology course is the capstone experience for the Minor in Community Leadership. This course is taken during the senior year to provide opportunities to collaborate with SHSU community partners and directly apply the knowledge and skills learned in courses to help meet the needs of organizations in the community. Students will be matched to internship opportunities that best suit their disciplinary and career interests.

Contact sociology@shsu.edu for more information. Ask about scholarships.

Minor in Community Leadership
Table of Courses
Required - 9 hours
SOCI 3305 Intro to Community Leadership (ACE) None
COMS 3370 Intercultural Communication None
SOCI 4379 Internship in Applied Sociology (ACE) Senior standing
Electives - 9 hours
AGRI 4388 Principles of Agricultural Leadership and Community Development None
BIOL 1301 Environmental Science (ACE) None
BUAD 3336 Successful Workplace Relationships None
BUAD 4335 Intercultural Business Communication None
COMS 3371 Conflict Negotiation None
COMS 3383 Small Group Communication (ACE) Department will waive prerequisites for students in this minor
COMS 4385 Professional Community Development None
CRIJ 4330 Law and Society None
CRIJ 4365 Professionalism and Ethics in Criminal Justice None
DANC 4374 Dance Pedagogy (ACE) None
HLTH 3350 Public Health Junior standing
HLTH 4387 Community Health (ACE) Junior standing
MCOM 1332 Writing for Mass Media 'C' or above in ENGL 1301 or equivalent
MCOM 3381 Principles of Public Relations Sophomore standing
PHIL 2306 Contemporary Moral Issues None
POLS 3339 Roles of Nonprofit Organizations 3 Hours in POLS
POLS 3393 Social Policy 3 hours in POLS
POLS 4372 Political Attitudes and Behavior 6 hours in POLS
SOCI 2319 Introduction to Ethnic Studies None
SOCI 3324 Social Inequality (ACE) SOCI 1301 (or SOCI 2319)
SOCI 3376 Rural and Urban Sociology (ACE) SOCI 1301 ( or SOCI 2319)
THEA 4387 Workshop in Creative Dramatics (ACE) None