David Payne Academic Community Engagement Award

The David Payne Academic Community Engagement Award honors a faculty member who has achieved excellence in Academic Community Engagement with $5,000 and a commendation medal. Recipients of this award have taught SHSU students the value of community engagement by developing reciprocal and mutually-beneficial partnerships to improve the quality of life.

Eligibility and Nominations:

1) Full-time faculty members who have been employed at SHSU for a period of at least five years and who have a sustained record of teaching Academic Community Engagement (ACE) courses are eligible.

2) Nominations are welcome from community partners, faculty, staff, or the nominee.

3) Previous recipients are not eligible. ACE Coordinators may not be nominated nor may they nominate others.

4) To nominate someone, please sent the name of the faculty member and their department to the CCE at cce@shsu.edu on or before November 15th.

This application is open to ACE faculty members who have been formally nominated for the David Payne Award for Academic Community Engagement. If you were nominated, you will have received formal notification of the nomination and an invitation to complete the application.

Online Application Link

Previous Award Winners

  • Brandon Strubberg - 2023
  • Benita Brooks - 2022
  • Mary Breaux - 2021
  • Linda James - 2020
  • Nancy Stockall - 2019
  • Edie Wells - 2018
  • Jim Dozier - 2017
  • Sanjay Mehta - 2016
  • Karen Miller - 2015
  • Jose Santiago - 2014
  • Diana Nabors - 2013
  • Phillip Lyons - 2012