ACE College Coordinators

Who is an ACE Coordinator?

ACE Coordinators are selected by the college Deans to represent their respective colleges of the university. The ACE Coordinators work with CCE staff to develop and promote ACE courses and events. To qualify to become an ACE College Coordinator, you must be faculty with Sam Houston State University and teach an ACE course as approved by the Center for Community Engagement. There is one ACE College Coordinator representing each college.

ACE College Coordinators not only serve their college by working alongside the Center, but they are also the contact point for faculty within their college for ACE courses. If you have any questions on an existing ACE course or wish to ACE a course, please contact your college’s Coordinator.

Contact Your Ace Coordinator

College Contact Name Contact Email Contact Phone

College of Business Administration

First Year Experience 

Danica Schieber 936-294-1291
College of Criminal Justice Mary Breaux 936-294-4896

College of Education

Newton Gresham Library

Lisa Brown 936-294-4038
College of Arts and Media Chuck Drumm 936-294-1319

College of Health Sciences

Ron Reed 936-294-2481
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Zachary Doleshal 936-294-2233

College of Science and Engineering Technology

Honors College

Jeff Wozniak 936-294-3759
College of Osteopathic Medicine Natasha Shah 936-202-5242