ACE for Students

Transforming Students and Communities

As a student, these courses provide you the opportunity to make a difference in our communities and to improve the quality of life for the people in the organizations with which you will be working. Enrolling in ACE designated courses helps you to embody the mission of the university by taking courses that also serve the community. ACE courses allow you to earn community service hours in your academic course. 

ACE courses require a minimum of 9 hours of documented community service and offer the opportunity to network with community partners, earn credit for the ACE course, and possibly earn internship credit.

Choose an ACE Course to:

  • Acquire marketable skills 
  • Build your résumé 
  • Network 
  • Be Involved 
  • Make a difference 

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Find an ACE course for your major!

There are over 200 courses across all seven colleges that currently have ACE designations and new courses are added every semester.