Spotlight on Staff

The Spotlight on Staff is awarded monthly to an employee that goes above and beyond. The employees are nominated by their peers and selected through a popular vote by the Staff Senate News and Networking Committee. The award recipient will receive eight hours of Administrative Leave, a certificate, a quality gift with a handwritten note, and media recognition. Please feel free to nominate an employee that goes above and beyond using the link below. Also, keep scrolling to check out the most recent winners.

Spotlight on Staff Nomination Form

This month's winner!

Chris Thompson, Athletics 
November 2023
Chris Thompson
Congratulations to this month's Spotlight on Staff recipient, Chris Thompson. 
  • Previous Winners
    Chris Thompson Nov.23.jpg
    Chris Thompson
    November 2023
    Brittany Johnson Oct.23.jpg
    Brittany Johnson
    October 2023
    Rebekah Kolafa Sept.23.jpg
    Rebekah Kolafa
    September 2023
    Tiffani Goodin July.23.jpg
    Tiffani Goodin
    July 2023
    Kristina Grimes July.23.jpg
    Kristina Grimes
    July 2023
    Stephanie Knific, Marketing and Communications
    February 2022
    Gregoria McGuire, Sam Houston Memorial Museum
    January 2022
    Kristina Beltran
    Kristina Beltran, Institutional Research
    December 2021
    Barbara Kievit-MasonBarbara Kievit-Mason, Newton Gresham Library Archives
    November 2021
    Belinda Myers
    Belinda Meyers, Department of Political Science
    October 2021
    Jessica Gorbett, Finance & Operations Business Solutions
    September 2021
    Seth Orea, Property
    August 2021
    Julie Schwab, Office of the Provost
    July 2021
    Shane DeVore, Facilities Management
    June 2021
    Kathy Chisum, Academic Success Center/First-Year Experience
    May 2021
    B.Provost2Breanna Provost, Student Activities
    April 2021
    March 2021: Leo Queen
    Leo Queen, The Graduate School
    March 2021
    February 2021: Erica Bumpers
    Erica Bumpers, Student Health Center
    February 2021
    January 2021: Paris Piotter
    Paris Piotter, College of Osteopathic Medicine
    January 2021
    December 2020: Tracy Farris
    Tracy Farris, Property
    December 2020
    November 2020: Kathleen Gilbert
    Kathleen Gilbert, College of Health Sciences/Food Pantry
    November 2020
    October 2020: Steven Jeter
    Steven Jeter, Public Safety Services
    October 2020
    September 2020: Isaac Moen
    Isaac Moen, Marketing & Communications
    September 2020
    December 2019: Brenda Rusk
    Brenda Rusk, Business Services Center
    December 2019
    November 2019: Scott Dolezal
    Scott Dolezal, Building & Landscape Services
    November 2019
    October 2019: Kendra Bookman, Pharmacy
    Kendra Bookman, Student Health Center
    October 2019
    September 2019: Riley Skains, IT Webdev
    Riley Skains, IT@Sam Webdev
    September 2019
    August 2019: Jessica Begnaud, Students' Legal Services
    Jessica Begnaud, Students Legal & Mediation Services
    August 2019
    June 2019: Tina Hammond, University Hotel
    Tina Hammond, University Hotel
    June 2019