Bearkat Camp Experience

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Welcome to Bearkat Camp!

Bearkat Camp is a three-day, two-night night experience for incoming SHSU Freshmen.

Since 2009, BKC has hosted a total of 5161 students.


of former campers would recommend Bearkat Camp to other incoming students


higher graduation rates for Bearkat Camp participants compared to non-campers


higher retention rates for Bearkat Camp participants compared to non-campers


of our student staff volunteer as mentor counselors for Bearkat Camp

Camper Testimonials

  • I absolutely loved camp, my counselors were amazing and even the people who weren't my counselors became close friends and made me feel more comfortable and excited about becoming a Bearkat!

  • Bearkat Camp allowed me to feel more comfortable in an environment that normally I would not. It helped me create new friendships and relationships with people that I'm happy and proud to know and meet. Overall care was excellent in how the counselors attended to any needs that were necessary as well as ensuring that safety and fun were guaranteed.

  • Bearkat Camp gave me a lot of perspective on the places I will potentially go and the people I will meet. as a result, this camp has made me feel a lot more comfortable on campus having those connections I made at camp fostering better networking skills when it comes to living on campus as well as a lot of future endeavors.

  • Being at camp was amazing, the food was awesome, the activities were super fun, and the relationships I made there were true ones and I’m still close with everyone and they made me more comfortable to be myself, giving me an even better experience at camp and in these past three weeks that I have been a part of Sam Houston family, plus they taught me how to two step and line dance which was very appreciated!

  • I had a great time and met lots of new friends who are now some of my best friends. Even when I see my counselors around school, they are excited to see me and it’s a great feel to know how supportive the community is here.

  • I made lifelong friends at Bearkat Camp and it made me more of an outgoing person. I also know a lot more people than others do because I was introduced to people at camp.

  • It was so much fun, I created relationships with people that I will never forget. I know that i always have people there to help me with anything I need. I know a lot of history with SHSU, I feel like it's the best place on earth and I didn’t want to leave.

  • The camp was worked by some of the most wonderful group of people from our school. They may have been there for work but at the end of the day the camp truly helped people break out of their shells.

  • Bearkat camp is a very valuable experience because you get to meet new people and when you see them on campus, you can speak to them instead of not knowing anyone. As well as knowing some upperclassmen to ask any questions the freshman had.

  • I'd say that for any incoming freshman to SHSU that Bearkat Camp is highly suggested in that it helps prepare you for what college life is like through all kinds of fun activities as well as forming groups of people that will make it easier to get yourself out there and more social easily. Camp teaches about all the traditions that go on here on campus as well as any questions concerning academic life. It makes it more enjoyable to be part of the school when being there and instills a massive amount of pride while there that continues to linger on.

Camp Schedule

Day 1 - SPIRIT
10:00 AM Registration Open at University Camp
11:15 AM Cabin Meeting/Get to know you activity/Cabin Safety Policies
Noon Welcome
12:30 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Group Games and Competitions
5:30 PM Break
6:15 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Water Relays
8:15 PM Pool Party
10:30 PM Cabin Time

** Schedule Subject to Change **

8:30 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Water Activities
Noon Break
12:45 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Optional Activities: Zip lining, kayaking, line dance lessons, snacks, eSports, axe throwing, swimming, competitions, friendship bracelets
6:30 PM Dinner
7:15 PM Traditions Experience
9:30 PM Western Night
11:30 PM Cabin Time

** Schedule Subject to Change **

Day 3 - PRIDE
8:30 AM Breakfast
9:30 AM Professor Q/A
9:45 AM Caddo vs Raven Giant Relay
10:30 AM Candlelight Ceremony
11:00 AM Counselor Q/A - Letters to Me
11:30 AM Group Reflections
Noon Lunch
12:30 PM Pictures/Pole Signing
1:15 PM Pack up and leave

** Schedule Subject to Change **

Don't Just Go To School... Be a Bearkat!

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