Recreational Sports Values

Mission: To Advance and Enrich The Collegiate Experience

Vision: To be a National Leader in the field of Campus Recreation



We aspire to an excellence that is approached through diligent effort and integrity, both individual and collective. Achieving excellence involves setting the highest standard, pursuing the extraordinary in all that we do. We recognize and accept the sacrifices, risks and responsibilities involved in pursuing excellence, and so we celebrate each other's successes as a result.


We believe in a healthy lifestyle that balances body, mind and spirit, and ensure that we foster an environment that provides the tools for others to do the same. We value a balance in our physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional needs and are committed to balancing our work life with our personal life, always leaving time for recreation. We also believe that fun is a necessary ingredient in everything that we do.


We value the concept of service that includes committing ourselves to being approachable and selflessly adapt to those we serve. We understand that we can do this only if we invest in the development of our talent, and empower each other to solve problems. We believe that internal and external customers are equally important. As a team, we strive to create memorable moments and customer service interactions that build customer loyalty and departmental champions.

Student Development

We facilitate opportunities for learning, self-discovery, and leadership development through experiential education, teambuilding and role-modeling. We are committed to providing students with developmental opportunities including, but not limited to, leadership, supervision, customer service, and conflict resolution.


We believe in providing a safe environment, both physically and emotionally. We strive to continually identify and prevent safety issues, take immediate action when an issue is identified, and continually seek ways to make our environment a welcoming, enjoyable atmosphere.

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