Electronic Personnel Action Forms

  1. Electric Personnel Action Forms (EPAF’s) authorize payroll transactions. Payroll checks will NOT be generated without a properly completed EPAF for the individual, despite preparation of time sheets. The EPAF’s must be received in the payroll office by the second working day after the end of the pay period. EPAF’s received after this deadline will be processed in the next succeeding payroll period.

  2. The payroll office is the point of application for these documents. Accordingly, only complete EPAF’s (i.e., forms that have all required signatures, correct employee information, departmental costing information, etc.) will be processed. Incomplete or incorrect EPAF’s will be returned to the originating department without being processed.

  3. Departments that have non-budgeted positions should prepare EPAF’s at the beginning of each fiscal year to establish on payroll records those employees in each of the non-budgeted positions.

  4. The approximate processing time for a EPAF, from departmental origination to entry into the payroll system, is approximately ten days.

  5. EPAF’s can be prepared by using the Electronic Personnel Action on Self Service Banner. This program is accessible to those designated by the department head. Once completed, the EPAF must be submitted and sent for proper approvals. For more information, please contact the Payroll Office.