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Our Staff

Name Title Email Call
William “Bill” Tidwell Director of Procurement Email 4-1904
Kristie Kelarek Associate Director of Procurement Email 4-1901
Cindy Guajardo Card Services Administrator/HUB Coordinator Email 4-1991
Steven Tilley Contract Specialist Email 4-4670
Vacant eProcurement Systems Specialist Email 4-4669
Pamela Castaneda Purchaser II Email 4-2620
Ely Gonzalez Purchaser II Email 4-1905
Katie Luedke Purchaser II Email 4-4673
Kimmy Tibiletti Purchaser II Email 4-1941
Clifton Brayshaw Purchaser I Email 4-1941
Mandy Wilson Assistant Director of Business Services Email 4-4727
Maribeth Bates Disbursements & Travel Services Specialists Email 4-1960
Denise Holcomb Disbursements & Travel Services Specialists Email 4-1079
Pam Kaiser Disbursements & Travel Services Specialists Email 4-4660
Mikayla Navarro Disbursements & Travel Services Specialists Email 4-4801
Alix Burns Disbursements & Travel Services Specialists Email 4-4674
Kelly Butler Disbursements & Travel Services Specialists Email 4-1907
Property 4-1908
Ronald Byrd Property Coordinator 4-1903
Tyler Varner Asset Management Specialist 4-1908
Seth Orea Warehouse Specialist
Monica Todd Warehouse Specialist
Facilities Management
Juan Nuñez Vice President of Facilities Management Email
Kasidy McKinley Executive Assistant to the Vice President Email 4-2726
Nicole Noble Administrative Coordinator for the Vice President's Office Email 4-1869
Planning & Construction
Chuck Jones Director of Planning & Construction Email 4-3677
Jennifer Niemiec Assistant to Director Email 4-1881
Kyle Hess Associate Director Email 4-1915
Amy Huddleston Project Manager Email 4-2723
Vacant Project Manager Email 4-4199
Anson Ward Construction Manager Email 4-3265
Chris Mitchell Construction Inspector / Quality Control Manager Email 4-3736
Vacant Facilities Project Coordinator Email 4-3535
Matt Carter Facilities Project Coordinator Email 4-1912
Vacant Facilities Project Coordinator Email 4-3152
Vacant Campus Space Manager Email 4-1866
Hailey Ainsworth Inventory Specialist Email 4-2640
Terry Batterton CAD Operator Email 4-3700
Facilities Services
Matt Roberts Director of Facilities Services Email 4-4188
Malinda Lowden Assistant to Director Email 4-3082
David Christ Access Services Supervisor Email 4-2704
Jack Black Food Equipment Services Supervisor Email 4-3718
Glenn Green Carpentry, Paint & Sign Services Supervisor Email 4-1876
J.P. Beaulieu Electrical Services Supervisor Email 4-1874
Joe Skains HVAC Services Supervisor Email 4-3904
Michael Yargo Plumbing, Parking, & Welding Services Supervisor Email 4-3814
Joel Payne Fire Life Safety Services Supervisor Email 4-2720
Facilities Campus Services
John T. Adams Director of Facilities Campus Services Email 4-2286
Renee Howe Custodial Services Supervisor Email 4-4897
Dale Barnes Fleet & Sanitation Supervisor Email 4-1897
Hector Robeldo Campus Services Supervisor Email 4-1922
Vacant Landscape Services Supervisor Email 4-1884
Residence Life Maintenance
Kevin Shaw Director of Residence Life Maintenance Email 4-1918
Elvira Hudspeth Assistant to Director Email 4-4472
Environmental Health and Safety
Vacant Director of EHS Email 4-2342
Mark Shiflet University Safety Manager Email 4-1847
Luis Grado Bio Safety & Chemical Manager Email 4-2679
Facilities Business Services
Wilbert Hightower Director of Facilities Business Services Email 4-3122
Sadak Inayathullah Associate Director of Facilities Business Services Email 4-1955
Kerry Arnold Customer Service Supervisor Email 4-3294
Joe Mack Johnson Campus Energy Manager Email 4-1926
Troy Smothers Facilities Project Financial Manager Email 4-3833
Tyler Freels Office Manager Email 4-2325
Kimberly Johnson Assistant to Director Email 4-1867
Jacy Arroyo Budget Analyst II Email 4-3124
Lenae Shaw Specialist III Email 4-2533
Lisa Baker Administrative Coordinator I Email 4-2532
Mandy Bain Administrative Coordinator I Email 4-2737
Kim Gregson Fleet Support Specialist Email 4-2534
Annie Reynolds Administrative Associate I Email 4-1821
Meghan Howe-Jefferies Administrative Associate I Email 4-3110
Customer Services Front Desk Email 4-3663
Human Resources
Jonathan Alvarez Coordinator II - Data Analysis Email 4-1066
Rhonda Beassie Associate Vice President for HR & Diversity Email 4-2637
Cynthia Bennett Director of Human Resources Email 4-1064
Thieme (TJ) Bittick Senior Human Resources Manager Email 4-2328
Christene Chavez Senior Human Resources Manager Email 4-2330
Marcus Gutierrez Human Resource Associate Email 4-4409
Natalie Isaac Assistant Director of Compensation, Classifications, & Staffing Email 4-2329
Stephanie James Human Resource Specialist Email 4-2431
Harley Matthews Human Resource Associate Email 4-1069
Christina Munoz Human Resource Specialist Email 4-2331
Sarah Noel Human Resource Specialist Email 4-1834
Joelle Olmstead Human Resource Specialist Email 4-1824
Bram Sebio-Bundage Human Resources Associate Email 4-2637
Jessica Smith Assistant to the AVP for HR & Diversity Email 4-1068
Patricia Zavala Human Resources Specialist Email 4-1872
Morgan Keeling Payroll Specialist Email 4-1164
Jeffrey Crenshaw Tax Accountant Email 4-1067
Joanna Morua Assistant Director Payroll Email 4-1909
Heather Ellis Accounting Specialist II Email 4-1098
Kimberley Brown Accountant II Email 4-3249
Carol Brady Payroll Coordinator Email 4-1096
Brandi O'Bannon Payroll Specialist Email 4-3248
Stacie Curtis Associate Director of Payroll Email 4-1021
Charity Walker Executive Director of Payroll & HR Benefits Email 4-1273
Student Financial Services
Lisa Lucas Director of Student Financial Services Email 4-1089
Patsy Collins Associate Director of Student Financial Services Email 4-2601
Desiree Jordan Accounting Specialist I Email 4-1087
Controller's Office
Jennifer Jones Controller Email 4-3405
Donna Slott Assistant Controller Email 4-3719
Jenny Babcock Assistant Controller Email 4-3387
Becky Rowley General Accounting Manager Email 4-2496
Morgan Starns Accountant II Email 4-2528
Caitlyn Hejl Accountant I Email 4-1014
Melissa Stachowiak Financial Accounting and Reporting Manager Email 4-2766
Larry Kelarek Accountant III Email 4-3284
Richard Ray Accountant III Email 4-2525
Chris Alicea Accountant III Email 4-1074
Denise Holley Accountant II Email 4-1076
Tyler King Accountant I Email 4-2552
Dakota Ballard Accountant I Email 4-4325
Emily Banta State Appropriation Coord III Email 4-1424
Susan Hurley Research Administration Manager Email 4-4862
Maribeth Start Accountant III Email 4-1015
Jill Myers Accountant III Email 4-4566
Violeta Covarrubias Accountant II Email 4-2349
Lucie Burkett Accountant II Email 4-3899
Samantha Davis Administrative Associate II Email 4-3329
Cris Carlos Business Analyst II Email 4-2672