Update Your Withholdings

The amount of income tax withheld on your paycheck is based on your W-4 filing and your taxable gross salary. You can update your W-4 throughout the year online through your Banner Employee Profile.

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When to Update Your W-4

How to Update

When to Update Your W-4

You should consider updating your W-4 if you have recently had a life event or change in your tax filing status.

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth
  • Adoption
  • Spouse/dependent loss
  • Gain or loss of legal custody of a dependent
  • Your spouse gets a job or changes jobs
  • You owed money when filing your tax return

How to Update Your Tax Withholdings

You can update your tax withholdings online at any time. If you have any questions regarding the W-4 form please review the form or the IRS website for instructions.

About Form W-4

blue Banner Employee Profile link located under Banner - Administrative Applications

Step 1

Navigate to your Banner Employee Profile.

  1. Log into MySam.
  2. Click Banner Employee Profile on the Employees page.

taxes is located in a list under your profile information

Step 2

Click Taxes to expand options.

the w-4 link is the first link in the expanded section

Step 3

Click W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.

update is located at the bottom of the screen in the center

Step 4

Click Update located at the bottom of the screen.

Input fields are vertically stacked on the screen

Step 5

Make changes as desired. See the IRS for instructions.

the certify changes button is located at the bottom left of the screen

Step 6

Click Certify Changes.