Life Members

Bearkats for Life

Enjoy benefits forever by becoming a Life Member of the SHSU Alumni Association! In addition to all of the typical benefits, Life Members receive a pen, key fob set, plaque, and invitation to the Annual Life Member celebration.

Discounts on the membership are given to recent graduates and senior citizens! 

Life Members

Thank you to all of our current life members for their dedication to SHSU! 

Endowed Life Members

D. Sam Bain '56 James D. Hallbeck '97 Becky Spelce '93
Barbara N. Bright '61 Major Harper-Terry '03 * Janelle A. Paris '46
Justin Burnett '02 Charles W. Jones III '81 Dan I. Rather '53
James D. Carey '61 Ronald P. Koska '61 Martee Rush '05
Terry M. Carlton '60 Kyle Lehne '94 Don A. Sanders '58
*Bobby L. Davis '69 Susan S. Lenamon '73 John E. Simmons
Gary Dudley '69 Dianne MacKenzie '60 Rueben C. Tamez '90, '94
Jim P. Ferris '69 *Ronald P. Mafrige '60 Bonnie Thorne '60
W. Allen Gage '61 Randall R. Martell '78 Laverne Warner '62, '69
Joseph L. "Bud" Haney '55 Tommy Metcalf '71 Carol Hail Weller '69
Jill Bell Myatt '63 Robert D. Young, Jr. '13
William "Bill" '88 & Kerri Byler Kelly DeHay '74 & Rod Danielson Dan '65 '67 & Marion Spence
Russel '72 & Glenda '73 '77 Gordy Walter '79 & Jan Fitzgerald James F. '65 & Nancy Gaertner
Richard '61 & Kitty '83 Lindley John M. '75 & * Nancy '79 Hoyt R. Dean '67 & Betty '67 Lewis
C. Tom Reese '56 & Melba Matthews Reese Randy '74 & Patricia '74 Pollard John R. '59 & Judith A. Ragsdale


Sustaining Life Program

This program is, simply, a voluntary opportunity for current Life Members to provide additional, annual support through a tax-deductible donation.  The Sustaining Life Program has helped the association add new scholarships, enhance regional networking opportunities for alumni, and expand our support of the Student Alumni Association.


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Thank you to all of our life members who support this program