Unity Voicemail: Deleting Voicemails

Voicemail messages can be deleted from different locations, which include the Cisco Jabber desktop app, Outlook, the Unity Voicemail website and the phone. Once a voicemail is deleted from one location, it is deleted from all locations.

To delete a voicemail from the Cisco Jabber desktop app, Outlook or Unity Voicemail website:

1. Select the voicemail

Cisco Jabber desktop app

Jabber Client


  1. Locate voicemails in your mailbox
  2. Move voicemails to the Outlook “Deleted Items” folder (Note: Moving voicemails to the “Deleted Items” folder does not delete the voicemails completely)
  3. Permanently delete the voicemails from the “Deleted Items” folder


Unity Voicemail website


2. Press Delete on the keyboard

To delete a voicemail from the desktop phone:

  1. Select the messages button
  2. Enter the PIN
  3. Messages will be played
  4. Select 3 to delete a message