Unity Voicemail

Our current voicemail provider, Microsoft, is getting out of the business of voicemail. To ensure you do not miss those important messages, SHSU is moving to Unity Voicemail to suit your needs. Unity Voicemail integrates not only with Outlook, but also Cisco Jabber client. 

Note: Unity Voicemail is only available to accounts (currently IT@Sam staff only) that have been migrated from Exchange Voicemail to Unity Voicemail. 

There are a couple of things you need to be aware of with Unity Voicemail. You will need to set up your PIN (under the Messaging Assistant -> Passwords menu), as well as set up your personal greeting. Also, Unity Voicemail does not provide a transcript of the voicemail in email. 

For tips and assistance with setting up your PIN, your greeting and other tools with Unity Voicemail, view our Unity Voicemail FAQ