Remote Desktop - Mac App

You can use a browser or app to access the remote desktop connection. To download and use the mac app, follow the instructions below.

  • Install the App

    On your campus Mac, go to Self Service to install the VMWare Horizon client.

    From a non-campus Mac, install the mac app for connecting to the remote desktop by following these instructions.

    Visit the VMware Horizon Client Download website (This site is under maintenance and will be updated soon.) and

    1. Select Horizon 8 from the Selection Version dropdown menu
    2. Select GO TO DOWNLOADS from the VMware Horizon Client for Mac section

    1.VMware Download Website

    On the Download Product page, select DOWNLOAD NOW.

    2.Mac Download Now

    If asked if you want to allow downloads from the VMware website, select Allow.

    3.Mac Allow Downloads

    A VMware Horizon window will display. Select Agree & Install.

    4.Mac Accept End Uses

    The app will install. Once it is installed, select a VMware Horizon Client window will display. Drag the VMware Horizon Client icon to the Applications icon to being the installation.

    5.Mac Drag to Apps

    A confirmation dialog box will display. Select Open.

    6.Mac Open Download 

    The app will display in the Applications.

    7.Mac Open App

  • Connecting the App

    Once the app is installed, you will need to connect to the SHSU remote servers. To get started,

    Open the VMware Horizon app in the Applications list.

    Mac Open App

    In the Name of the Connection Server dialogue box

    1. Type in the blank box
    2. Select Connect

    8.Mac Enter Connection Name

    You will be prompted with a Microsoft 365 log in. Enter the requested SHSU credentials and select Next.

    M365 Signin

    If asked to authenticate with Duo, select your option and authenticate.

    An Acceptable Use Agreement will display, select Accept.

    9.Mac Acceptable Use

    In the next dialogue box,

    1. Type your SHSU username
    2. Type your SHSU password
    3. Select Login

    10.Mac Enter Credentials

    You will be connected to the remote desktop. Select OK on the Secure Network Notice.

    12.Mac Select OK Network Notice

    You may get asked if you want to share the local files on the computer you are connecting on with your remote desktop and applications. You can select Allow.

    13.Mac Allow Drive Access

    Your SHSU desktop will display.

    6See Desktop