Remote Desktop - iOS Devices

You can access the remote desktop connection on mobile devices as well. Follow the instructions below for installing the app, connecting to the SHSU remote desktop, and logging out and disconnecting from remote desktop on iOS devices.

  • Install the App

    Open the App Store and search for VMware Horizon Client and select Get to download the app.

    App Store

    Once downloaded, the app will appear.

    Open App

  • Connecting the App

    Open the VMware Horizon app on your device.

    Open App

    Select your Notifications preference.

    Allow Notifications

    On the Server Setup screen

    1. Type in the blank box
    2. Select Connect

    Server Setup

    You will be prompted with a Microsoft 365 log in. Enter the requested SHSU credentials and select Next.

    M365 Signin

    If asked to authenticate with Duo, select your option and authenticate.

    An Acceptable Use Agreement will display, select Accept.


    Acceptable Use

    In the next dialogue box,

    1. Type your SHSU username
    2. Type your SHSU password
    3. Select Login

    Username Password Login

    Select SHSU Remote Desktop.

    Select SHSU Remote Desktop

    The Secure Network Notice will display. Select OK.

    Secure Server Notice

    Your SHSU desktop will display.


  • Disconnecting and Logging Out

    Once you are done using the Remote Desktop on your device, you will want to disconnect from the Remote Desktop and log out to conserve battery life and data.

    To disconnect, select the icon in the middle of the remote desktop screen.

    Remote Options

    Select the Disconnect icon.

    Select Disconnect

    Select Yes on the Disconnect confirmation.

    Confirm Disconnect

    Then select Logout in the upper left corner of the app.


    In the confirmation box that displays, select Log out.

    Confirm Logout