Remote Desktop - Browsers

You can connect to the Remote Desktop using a browser as well. To access remote desktop on a browser, 

Visit the remote desktop website and select VMware Horizon HTML Access.

Select Client or Browser

You will be prompted with a Microsoft 365 log in. Enter the requested SHSU credentials and select Next.

M365 Signin

If asked to authenticate with Duo, select your option and authenticate.

An Acceptable Use Agreement will display, select Accept.

Select Accept

On the login page,

  1. Enter your SHSU username
  2. Enter your SHSU password
  3. Select Login

Enter Username Password Login

Select SHSU Remote Desktop to connect to the remote desktop.

Select SHSU Remote Desktop

A Secure Network Notice will display. Select OK.

Secure Network Select OK

Your SHSU desktop will now be displayed and available to use.

See Desktop