OneNote - Opening OneNote

OneNote is a notetaking software and is part of the Microsoft family. You can use the desktop app or the cloud version of OneNote, either way, OneNote saves notebooks to your OneDrive for easy access anywhere on any device.

*Note: OneNote for Windows 10 is the preferred OneNote and saves to OneDrive. OneNote 2016 saves to S: drive.

  • Desktop App

    OneNote for Windows 10 automatically comes on computers with Windows 10. To get started using the OneNote app on the computer,

    1. Start typing OneNote in the search bar on the taskbar.
    2. When the options appear, select OneNote for Windows 10.


    OneNote will open.


    *Some computers may also have OneNote 2016; however, we recommend using OneNote for Windows 10.

  • Online

    OneNote is also available online through Office 365. To access:

    Visit and select Sign In and sign in using your SHSU credentials. (If you are on the SHSU campus, it will sign you in automatically)

    Office LogIn

    Once logged in, select the OneNote icon on the left side of the screen.

    Office 365 Select OneNote

    OneNote will open.

    Office 365 OneNote