OneNote - Import from OneNote 2016

If you have been using OneNote 2016 and would like to transition to using OneNote for Windows 10, you can import your OneNote 2016 notebooks into OneNote for Windows 10 by using the below instructions.

1. Open OneNote for Windows 10. If the Navigation Pane is not displayed on the left side,

  1. Click the books icon to display the pane.
  2. Once the Navigation Payne is displayed, select More Notebooks.

Select More Notebooks

2. On the Choose notebooks to open dialogue box

  1. Select the notebook that needs to be imported. The OneNote 2016 version will display On this computer by the notebook name.
  2. Once the notebook is selected, select Open (1).

Open Notebook

3. In the Upload to the cloud dialogue box

  1. Confirm your SHSU account is displayed under Upload to this cloud account.
  2. Select Upload (1).

Note: If your SHSU account is not listed, select Add Account and add your SHSU information.

Select Account and Next

4. OneNote for Windows 10 will open the notebook and display it in the Navigation Pane.