OneDrive - Sync Client for Mac

To add files to OneDrive, you can upload files through the website or use the Sync Client.

The OneDrive Sync Client can be installed on Mac devices as well. To install it on an SHSU Mac, follow these steps.

Open the Launchpad

Open Launchpad

Select Self Service

Select Self Service

Select Open for OneDrive

Self Service 

When OneDrive launches, enter the official SHSU email address and select Sign in.

SetUp OneDrive 

An SHSU sign in page will display, confirm the SHSU email address, enter SHSU password and select Sign in.


On the following window, select Choose OneDrive Folder Location.

Select OneDrive Folder 

One the following window, select Next to use the default location.

Default Folder Next 

Select Open my OneDrive – Sam Houston State University folder next.

Open Folder 

The OneDrive folder is displayed.

OneDrive Folder 

You can copy and paste files you want in OneDrive to this folder.