LastPass Business: Share Passwords

LastPass Business allows SHSU employees to share work related sign in credentials with each other in safe and secure manner. To share work related passwords with LastPass Business, you will create a shared folder, add passwords to the shared folder, then share the folder with your colleagues. To get started, open your LastPass vault, and

  1. Select Sharing Center.
  2. Select the + sign in the lower right side of the screen to add a shared folder.

Sharing Center

In the Create New Shared Folder dialogue box,

  1. Enter the Folder Name
  2. Select Create.

Create Shared Folder

The folder will be displayed in the Sharing Center.

Sharing Folder

To add the credentials to share with colleagues, view the password in the Passwords section of the vault, right click on the password to share and

  1. Select Move to Folder.
  2. Then select the Shared folder you created in the Sharing Center.

Save to Shared Folder

In the Shared Folders confirmation, select Yes.

Share Folder Confirmation

In the Sharing Center, hover your mouse over the folder to be shared with colleagues and select Mange.

Shared Folder Manage

In the Manage Shared Folder options, start typing the names of co-workers you would like to share the credentials with. As you type,

  1. Names will display for you to select from. 
  2. When you select a name, it will display below the Permissions area.

Invite to Shared Folder

Once you have selected all the names of those you want to share the credentials with, select Save.

Save Invite to Shared

Once you save, users will receive an email that you have added them to the shared folder. You can review and update what permission each person has to the folder in the manage shared folder options. Once permissions are reviewed, select Save.

9.Shared Folder Permissions

You will be returned to the sharing center. In the sharing center you can view

  1. Sharing folders you created and shared with others (Administrator).
  2. Folders that are shared with you (Non-Administrator).