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Submitting Documents?

We are temporarily accepting documents via your SHSU email at FADocuments@shsu.edu. We will not respond to questions asked via this email address. If you have questions, visit ‘Got Questions?’ or ask our live chat button

Requested forms can be found on your MySam. Once documents are emailed to FADocuments@shsu.edu they are updated on your MySam account within 1-2 business days. You can check your status by logging into MySam-My Account-Financial Aid Requirements.

Forms Checklist

Once a document is submitted you will receive an email receipt confirmation. DO NOT submit documents multiple times, this may result in processing delays.

How to Convert Pictures on Phone to PDF to Email Documents


  1. Open notes app
  2. Create a new note
  3. Select camera icon and then scan documents
  4. Take pictures of documents and select “keep scan” and “save”
  5. Select the export icon and email the PDF documents to fadocuments@shsu.edu


  1. Take a picture of documents
  2. Select drop down
  3. Select print
  4. Save as PDF
  5. Save to phone and share via email to fadocuments@shsu.edu

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Got Questions?

Want to set up a Phone/Video Conference with your Financial Aid Counselor?

Please email your Financial Aid Counselor as listed below:

Students: for account specific questions or to set up a phone/video conference, you must email us from your SHSU Email and include your SAM ID number.

We will be happy to provide general information to all other inquiries.

Counselor (Graduates and Special Populations) Miranda Young
Counselor (Last name: A-F, N-O) Alejandra Llamas
Counselor (Last name: G-M) Holly Barecky
Counselor (Last name: P-Z) Kriscian Hernandez

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