Review and make decisions on your financial aid offers for 2024-25 (Fall 2024/Spring 2025) via MySam.

Fall 2024 Financial Aid will begin paying on SHSU account balances starting Saturday, August 17th.



Director Amy Wilson
Associate Director Erin Carpenter
Associate Director Laura Ringo
Associate Director Ace Thomas
Associate Director Lisa Namken
Associate Director Kristy Mills
Assistant Director, College of Osteopathic Medicine Keegan Gross

Administrative Staff

Administrative Coordinator III Maria Sorto


Associate Director Kristy Mills
Senior Counselor Ale Llamas
Counselor (Graduates and Special Populations) Marissa Green
Counselor (Last name: A-F, N-O) Jennifer Gregory
Counselor (Last name: G-M) Danyela Saldana
Counselor (Last name: P-Z) Kriscian Hernandez
Counselor Makayla Harris

Customer Service

Associate Director Lisa Namken
Customer Service Coordinator Stormi Evans
Customer Service Assistant Staci Woodall
Customer Service Assistant Racheale Fite
Customer Service Assistant Alejandra Garcia
Customer Service Assistant TBD

Document Management

Associate Director Lisa Namken
Customer Service Coordinator Stormi Evans
Document Management Jayla Walker

Fund Accounting Area

Associate Director Erin Carpenter
Fund Coordinator Angela Cockrell
Fund Specialist Catherine Aguilar
Fund Specialist Jill Bergman
Work-Study Carla Sanders


Associate Director Erin Carpenter
Eligibility Coordinator Perla Escoto
Loan Processor Sara Sparka
State Grants Dawn Phetteplace
Eligibility Assistant Nicolas Casper
Eligibility Assistant TBD


Associate Director Laura Ringo
System Analyst and Solutions Support, Sr Kristal Luna
System Analyst and Solutions Support Zachary Pacheco


Director Amy Wilson
Scholarship Coordinator Lacey Price
Scholarship Specialist Sierra Nixon


Associate Director Laura Ringo
Processing Coordinator Lacey Kinkelaar
Verification Specialist Matthew Parrott
Verification Specialist Ashley Thompson
Verification Specialist Carolyn Murray

Student Money Management

Associate Director Ace Thomas, MA, CPFC®
Program Coordinator Joseph Mesa, MBA, CPFC®
Program Coordinator America Alvarado, CPFC®
Personal Financial Coach Angelica "Angie" Devera, CPFC®
Personal Financial Coach Amanda Anway, CPFC®
Personal Financial Coach Alyssa Fox, CPFC®
Personal Financial Coach Robert Fernandez, CPFC®
Personal Financial Coach TBD

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