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4/15/2024 Update: SHSU Financial Aid and Scholarships understands that you are anxiously awaiting to hear about your 2024-2025 financial aid. Please know we are working hard to provide aid notifications as soon as possible. Please monitor and your SHSU email for updates to your account.


How to support Bearkats without
potentially hurting students' financial aid status

Financial Aid is...

  1. Regulated and audited by the federal government
  2. Based on a number of factors
  3. Determined by formula
  4. Limited based on student circumstances
  5. Complicated

Financial Aid Comes in Many Forms

Scholarships, grants, net earnings from need-based employment, or loans, including but not limited to...

…any educational benefits paid because of enrollment in a postsecondary education institution, or to cover postsecondary education expenses.

Scenario: Gift Cards/Cash

A campus organization was working with some campus partners on ways in which to help students in crisis. In addition to counseling/academic support, a topic that came up was gift cards/cash for groceries.

Would a gift card/cash be considered financial support and impact a student’s financial aid?

Yes, this can affect financial aid. According to the rules governing financial aid, any support that comes from the campus would be considered estimated financial assistance (EFA) and because the gift cards/cash are due to a student’s postsecondary enrollment, they would have to be incorporated into the calculation of financial aid awards.

How to Support Bearkats

Contribute or request donations specifically designated to the Bearkat Emergency Fund (online donations accepted)

Donate to the SHSU Food Pantry

Contact financial aid to learn more at

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