Student FAQ's

As a returning student, how do I continue my accommodations?

At the beginning of each Fall semester you need to come by the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Office located in the Lee Drain North Annex (next to Farrington) and fill out an SSD intake form. There is no formal meeting with an Accommodation Counselor unless there has been a change in your situation and you feel that accommodations may need to be discussed for possible modification. If you do feel a meeting is needed you may make an appointment by calling 936-294-3512 or by stopping by the front desk at the SSD Office.

How do I get a LOA (Letter of Accommodation Form) and do I need them every semester?

Yes, every semester you will need to request LOA's for each class which you are enrolled. Request the LOA as soon as your schedule is finalized so that there is adequate time to provide them to the professors. You may request them by calling 936-294-3512 or stopping by the front desk at the SSD Office. LOA's will be prepared and emailed to each professor of each class that you are enrolled in. LOA's must be requested prior to being able to make exam appointments in the SSD Office.