Requesting Alternative Format Textbooks

Who can request Alternative Format Textbooks?

Alternative Format Textbooks are available for students who have met with an Accommodation Counselor and have been approved for the accommodation on the basis of a print disability.  Students will be required to sign an agreement regarding Alternative Format Book use and copyright restrictions.  Students are required to provide proof of purchase/ownership of textbooks at the time Alternative Format Textbooks are picked up. 

How do I request my Alternative Format Textbooks?

You may submit your request by e-mail with all of the required information to or by coming by the Services for Students with Disabilities Office located in the Lee Drain North Annex building (next to Farrington) and visiting with one of the ADA Staff Assistants, either Dena Miller or Julie Hlozek.     

It can take two weeks or more for alternative formats to be received and prepared so order as soon as your schedule is solid and you know what books you need.

Required information for requesting alternative format textbooks is as follows:






Class and Instructor:

Requested format:


How do I find my textbooks list?

You can find your textbooks by selecting the link below which will take you to the SHSU – Barnes and Noble College Bookstore.  You are not required to purchase from Barnes and Noble.

Sam Houston State University - Barnes and Noble College Bookstore

1 – Select the Term

2 – Select the Department (i.e. ENGL for English)

3 – Select the Course

4 – Select the Section

Then select “Find Materials for Course”

Do this for all your courses, the result will be a list of Textbooks that are needed for your courses.  It is recommended that you print this list as it contains all the information needed to request your books.