The Controller’s Office is responsible for the access and security of accounting related systems utilized by the University.

Request Access

To gain access to financial data, employees must:

  1. Complete required trainings.

    You must complete Banner 9 - General Navigation online curriculum and Banner Finance 101. Trainings are available online through Talent Management.

    Banner 9 - General Navigation online curriculum

    Banner Finance 101

  2. Submit the Banner Access Request form.

    You will submit a Microsoft Form, then sign an Adobe Sign agreement sent to your university email. Your supervisor must also sign the agreement via email before access will be granted.

    Request Banner Access

To request additional permissions, complete one of the forms below.

Additional Org & Approver Access

Use this form to update, add, or remove additional org access or approvers for financial transactions.

Central Administration Finance

This form is for new or current employees who are in a central administration role in the Division of Finance and Operations or IT@Sam.


Electronic approvals are equivalent to signing a paper document. Please be aware of the ramifications when approving documents.

If you have any questions about approvers, making adjustments to approvers, or assigning delegates, please contact Katie Gense by emailing keg038@SHSU.EDU or calling extension 4-2528.

Customizing Banner

Use these steps to compile all your favorite forms in one place.

MySam employees webpage with Banner Administrative Application link highlighted

Step 1

Navigate to ‘Banner Administrative Applications


Banner menu search field populated with GUAUPRF and dropdown expanded with General User Preference Maintenance

Step 2

Type GUAUPRF in the search bar located in the center of the screen, then click ‘General User Preference Maintenance

General User Preference screen with display, alert, data extract, and user interface color setting options

Step 3

Edit as desired

The save button is located at the bottom right

Step 4

To add finish adding, click Save located at the bottom right of the screen

The X button is located at the top left next to the side navigation

Step 5

Click ‘X’ to close window, then sign out & back in to refresh


  • The ‘Display Form Name on Title Bar’ option is very helpful when you are starting out because it shows both the 7 character form name and the full form name together

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