Bringing Students to CBFS for Field Experiences

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No one can fully appreciate the wonder, complexity, and beauty of life until they have examined a functioning ecosystem in the field. We believe that hands on experience in ecology and the associated natural sciences is important and see it as a priority to facilitate outdoor lab time at CBFS.  

student field experiencesAn important function of field stations is to compile legacy data sets of the comprehensive array of site based biotic and abiotic variables. One way to make headway on this enormous undertaking is to make teaching monitoring and measuring techniques a central component of field education experiences at CBFS. Every student can and should collect, and contribute quality, site based data according to the discipline that they come to CBFS to study. Instructors are encouraged to contact the field station manager for assistance in planning data collection activities and to discuss standardization of techniques and data format.

There is no fee for bringing a class to CBFS, even for non-SHSU classes. We do require that everyone who plans to bring students to the station fill out and submit via e-mail to the station manager a CBFS Educational Program Form. This will reserve your spot (first form filed, first served basis). It will also provide us with the vital stats that we need to raise funds and to justify the stations existence. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please inform your students, in writing, that this is a natural area and it comes with all of the associated risks.  They are to assume responsibility for their actions and the outcomes of their actions. These risks include but are not limited to: exposure to weather extremes, hazard trees (falling limbs), poisonous plants, animal bites, stings, and envenomation, tripping hazards, sharp objects, allergens, parasites and pathogens. We strongly recommend wearing long pants and closed toed shoes. Each student should carry drinking water (Do not drink from Harmon Creek).  A hat is a good idea.  Sunscreen and insect repellent are other considerations. Also, we ascribe to the, “You carry it in, you carry it out” philosophy.

Collecting of specimens and samples of everything is regulated. If you wish for your students to have the experience of field collecting and preserving of specimens, please submit the Collecting Permit Application in advance. Unauthorized collecting may result in the termination of your privilege to be here.