Proposal Review

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Because of the relatively small area on the CBFS that is directly accessible by vehicle, its extensive use as an outdoor classroom for educational purposes, and its long-term research mission, all research projects are subject to review prior to initiation of field work. The application will be evaluated primarily on its basic contribution to the station’s mission, logistics, availability of necessary infrastructure, and integration with ongoing research projects and educational programs. 

CBFS aquaticsOne of three things will happen:

  1. Low impact proposals may be reviewed only by the Manager. If approval is granted, the written notification of approval will specify details regarding research activities (e.g., which habitat is approved for manipulation, area and duration of site assignment).
  2. If the Manager feels that some aspect requires further review, the application will be sent to the CBFS Advisory Committee for comments. Members will have one week, after which, in the absence of any voiced concern, the proposal will be considered approved, and the Manager will notify persons seeking approval.
  3. The Manager may reject an application, or suggest changes, without notifying the Committee if the proposed investigation conflicts with an ongoing approved investigation. The primary investigator will be notified and perhaps the proposal can be modified.