Collecting Permit Application

As part of the CBFS management strategy for field station natural resources we are working toward maintaining viable populations of diverse biota. We are also dedicated to providing for the legitimate harvest of specimens for biological research and training needs. Controlling the potential conflict that may arise between these objectives requires continuous monitoring and vigilance. Your unbiased contributions are of critical importance to this effort. Please employ sound judgement and the highest professional ethics in each decision to remove an organism from our legacy forest ecosystem. Thank you.


  • The permittee is limited to the personnel, purpose of collections, sampling areas, gear types and sampling techniques, and types and numbers of organisms to be collected, as indicated on the CBFS Collecting Permit. Any requested deviation will require CBFS approval. (There are no unlimited, indefinite permits, and no person is exempt from the permitting process.)
  • The permit will not exempt holder from any regulations imposed by other state and federal agencies.
  • The CBFS Manager reserves the right to deny issuance or revoke any Collecting Permit.
  • All permits shall expire on December 31 of the year of issue unless otherwise noted. The Manager may impose time limits and other restrictions on the duration of any collection permit.
  • Sale of any organisms collected under the permit or their progeny, is prohibited.
  • Permits are non-transferable but may be issued in more than one person’s name.
  • There is no “Grandfather clause”; if you are currently collecting, you must obtain a permit to continue.
  • The permit may restrict the methods and equipment used to collect the samples.
  • An annual report giving a detailed description and inventory of all specimens collected is due within 60 days following the expiration of permit. If no collections are made during a particular year, then a report should be submitted stating such. Permits are subject to cancellation if no report is received for prior year collections. Information to be included in annual report:
    • Name and permit number of the collector.
    • Longitude & latitude (degrees & decimal degrees) where collections were made.
    • Date(s) of collection at each site or area.
    • Number of each species taken. (If possible include gender, size, weight, and age.)
    • Method of collection.
    • Disposition of specimens taken.
    • Submit reports electronically to
  • All data that is collected from work at CBFS must ultimately be submitted for inclusion in the CBFS Legacy Data Base (see Research Policies).
Applicant's (Principal Investigator's) Information

Collecting Personnel

Permit Information