How to Apply

Program Application


For admission consideration, students must have completed at least a bachelor’s degree and must submit a complete application package (see requirements below). Students that enter our program with only a bachelor’s degree will complete the requirements for the M.A. degree, including a thesis, during their first two to three years of study. Students entering with a master’s degree may have a limited number of general courses waived after review of course syllabi and approval of the faculty. Similarly, students who have completed an empirical master’s thesis may have this requirement waived after review and approval by the faculty. The doctoral program admission procedures are consistent with the Council of University Directors Clinical Psychology (CUDCP) Guidelines.

Application Deadline

The deadline for receipt of admission applications for the following fall semester is December 1st. We encourage you to begin your application at least two weeks before the deadline to ensure there is enough time for the electronic transmittal and processing of documents (e.g., transcripts, letters of recommendation). This is particularly important, as we will only review completed applications. The fall semester is the only semester in which new students are accepted into the program.

Application Materials

  1. Graduate application
  2. Application fee
  3. Transcripts from all degree-granting universities (unofficial transcripts are acceptable for initial review; applicants are welcome to submit transcripts from additional institutions for review by the program)
  4. Program application with the fee
  5. A minimum of two letters of recommendation (three are preferred)
    • You will supply the name and contact information, including an email address, for your letter writers and our application system will contact them and provide instructions for electronic submission of your letters of recommendation.
  6. Personal statement/essay
    • Please provide a two-page essay explaining your interests in clinical psychology as well as your interests in our particular program.
    • Be sure to describe your research, clinical or other relevant experiences that have shaped and/or prepared you for doctoral study in clinical psychology.
  7. Current resume or curriculum vitae
  8. TOEFL score (if applicable; for information, please visit the Office of International Programs website)
  9. PLEASE NOTE: GRE scores are not required and will not be considered in admission decisions during the AY 2022-2023 admissions cycle. We request applicants omit any information relating to GRE general or subject test scores from their application materials (e.g., personal statements, letters of recommendation).

The Doctoral Program seeks promising students from all backgrounds in the service of creating a diverse intellectual community. The Greater Houston area is one of the most diverse in the country; consequently, students with foreign language skills can contribute uniquely to the research and practice in the Program. New students may join the program with either a baccalaureate or a master’s degree.

Review Process and Invitation to Interview

Shortly after the December 1 deadline, the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program faculty meet to review the applicants. We consider academic accomplishment and potential as well as applicants’ fit with our program (as reflected by the personal essay and letters of recommendation). With our mentor model, we also place great weight on applicants’ fit with the research of the faculty members they identify as preferred mentors on the program application. Please review the faculty section of the program website to see faculty interests and determine which faculty members are accepting applications for potential students. We will invite the most promising applicants to participate in video teleconference interviews in February or March.

The entire program faculty participate in the interview process. During their interviews, we will ask candidates to discuss their interests in clinical psychology as well as their interests in our program. We will also ask students to discuss their research and clinical experience and invite them to discuss any other aspects of their academic and professional background that are related to doctoral studies in clinical psychology.

Following the interview, the faculty meet to decide on a final sorting of candidates. Students are either accepted, rejected, or placed on a waitlist. Official letters are then sent to the applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions