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SHSU Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

No clinical psychology doctoral program leads directly to licensure; licensure requirements are set by state agencies and are varied and can change at any time. That said, for many states, obtaining a doctoral degree from an APA-accredited doctoral program meets the educational requirements for licensure. In order to determine if a particular state’s educational requirements for licensure align with our program’s curriculum, students are encouraged to consult this website: as well as to go to the state-specific licensing board websites to make sure you are accessing the most up-to-date information about licensure requirements. (You can find links to state and province psychology licensing boards here: The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Licensing Boards PSY|Book was developed with plans to update it annually. In general, unless you know for certain where you will live and want to seek licensure, following the APA requirements listed in the clinical program handbook will likely suffice in terms of the doctoral educational requirements for licensure for most states. In the end, however, it is the student’s responsibility to determine licensure requirements (educational requirements or otherwise) for a state they want to be licensed in and how they can meet those requirements – students are thus encouraged to review the linked PDF and to direct questions regarding licensure in a particular state to the state’s licensing board.