Financial Awards

The University offers several types of financial awards to eligible graduate students. The amount may vary from year to year. These are:

  1. Assistantships: Typically, doctoral students receive funding through research, teaching, or clinical assistantships. Our assistantships provide a stipend of $20.0004.00 per calendar year and qualify students for the in-state tuition rates. These awards are made on an annual basis and are subject to availability of funds and eligibility. Recipients are required to enroll for a minimum of six credit hours during the semester in which funding is received. Please note that receiving payment from the university via certain assistantships (research, clinical) while only taking six credit hours may influence the degree to which you qualify for federal student loans.

  2. Scholarships: Students in the doctoral program receive a scholarship in the amount of $2000.00 each Fall and Spring semester to help offset the cost of attendance.

  3. Financial Awards through the University Financial Aid Office:
    1. Grants
    2. Various Student Loans

Students are also encouraged to apply for external funding, such as research grants, fellowships for graduate study, scholarships, etc. Students who identify potential funding sources should work with their faculty mentor(s) to prepare the most competitive application package possible.

Travel Funding

Scholarly research is the cornerstone of the Ph.D. degree. Consequently, students' scholarly activities will be supported as much as is possible in light of available resources. The Office of Graduate Studies provides funding for graduate student travel on a competitive basis. Although funding is not guaranteed, faculty will make every effort to locate funding sources to support students contributing papers, symposia, and panel discussions at scholarly conferences.