Women's Choir

Clay West

Clay West, former Director of Choirs at Conroe High School, directs the SHSU Treble Choir Belles Voix. The choir sings a wide variety of both a cappella and accompanied repertoire including classical, folk, gospel, spirituals, and even popular music. This ensemble is open to treble voices of all majors including both music majors and non-music majors, and performs 1-2 times per semester.

Fall Auditions

To see the audition requirements, and to schedule an audition for the Women’s Choir (or any other choir as well), go to Join Our Choirs.

Spring Auditions

To audition for Women’s Choir for the Spring semester, email Clay West to set up an individual audition.

Registration Information

Freshmen and Sophomore Music Majors, and all Non-Music Majors register for:
MUEN 1111, “Mixed Chorus”, Section 02

Junior and Senior Music Majors register for:
MUEN 3111, “Mixed Chorus”, Section 02