Join Our Choirs

COVID-19 Update for the 2020 School Year

Yes! we do plan on having choir in the fall. We are implementing spacing, mask wearing, and other sanitary procedures in accordance with CDC guidelines and SHSU policy to ensure a safe and meaningful experience. Specific details will be discussed at your audition, and can be seen on the syllabus which will be available August 1 in Blackboard (you must be registered for one of the choirs to see it).

Our Choirs are open to anyone! Audition Information for Music Majors, as well as Non-Music Majors or Instrumental Music Majors is just below. We are excited for you to join our choirs!

Non-Music Majors or Instrumental Music Majors

We at Sam Houston believe that there is a place for both non-music majors and instrumental music majors to sing. Therefore, if you are interested in singing in a choir at SHSU, please do not hesitate to sign up. Below are the few steps you'll need to take.

Audition Steps for Non-Music and Instrumental Music Majors

Vocalise Video

Record a video of yourself singing along with the either the Tenor-Bass or Soprano-Alto recordings. Video Recordings are due by Sunday, August 16th. Some tips:

  • Soprano-Alto Practice Audio Link
  • Tenor-Bass Practice Audio Link
  • Listen to and practice along with the recording a couple of times before making your video.
  • You may use headphones so that the sound of the recording you are listening to is not heard on the video you are recording (We suggest only having one ear covered while making the recording so you can hear yourself as well as the practice recording).
  • Make sure you are in a well-lit place, with good light on your face, and without windows or lights behind
  • We do not need 4k resolution, so adjust your video recording settings so that you are recording in 720p or 1080p at most.
  • Do a test recording to make sure the sound isn't too loud or soft. Adjust the microphone to make sure we can hear you (too soft) without distortion (too loud).
  • Once you are satisfied with the video, upload it to youtube. Be sure to mark your video as "unlisted." Then fill our your Audition Information Form and paste the link into the box when you are asked to provide it.

If you are interested in auditioning for Chorale we strongly suggest that you follow the guidelines for Vocal Music Majors, listed below.

One-On-One Meetings

One-On-One meetings will occur during regular class time on Monday, August 17th between 2:00 and 3:20. Women's meetings will be in MB 202 (Choir Room), and the Men's meetings will be in MB 205 (Small Ensemble Room). There is nothing to prepare. You will be asked to sing a little, and maybe do a little sight reading and tonal memory. It will be low pressure, low stress. Please do not come too early to your time so that we do not have a lot of people waiting in the hall together. Sign up for a One-On-One meeting for Women's Choir here, and for Men's Choir here.

Important Note: You must wear a mask for the entire time during your audition.

Vocal Music Majors (voice is your main instrument)

As a vocal music major at Sam Houston State University, you will audition at the beginning of the fall semester for ensemble placement. The results of your audition, as determined by the Director of Choral Activities and in consultation with the voice and choral faculty, will determine your ensemble placement. You will be placed into either SHSU Chorale, Men's Choir, or Women's Choir. It is the expectation that all vocal majors continuously strive to be admitted to the top choir. Here are the steps to audition for ensemble placement as a Vocal Music Major.

Audition Steps

  • Sign up for an audition time here.
  • Record your Pre-Screen Video if you have not done so. Instructions are below.
  • Fill out the Audition Information Form here and include your pre-screen video.
  • Come to your live audition in the Choir Room of the Music Building (MB 202) at the time you signed up for. Please wear a mask for the entirety of your live audition.

Pre-Screen Video

  • Current SHSU Vocal Majors: You may use one video from your juries, recital or sophomore barrier that you recorded at the end of last semester.

Once you have your video, please fill out the Audition Information Form and paste the link into the box when you are asked to provide it.

Live, In-Person Audition:

When campus opens up, you will come to the Music building for your live, in-person audition in the choir room (sign up for a time here if you have not done so). Vocal Music majors must prepare a solo song in the classical tradition (no pop, musical theater, etc.), with accompaniment. One of your pieces from your audition for admittance into Sam Houston should suffice, or if you are a returning or transfer student, something you worked on with your voice teacher previously. It can even be the same piece that you recorded for your pre-screen video, or it can be a different piece. Bring one copy of your music for your accompanist. An accompanist will be provided. You will also be asked to sight read and perhaps check your range and ear.

Important Note: You must wear a mask for the entire time during your audition.


Candidates for Chorale, the top choir at SHSU, will be required to attend callbacks (unless you are a non-music or instrumental music major who selected men's or women's choir only). Callbacks will be on Sunday, August 16th. Information about callbacks will come after the results of your live audition.

General Information

Audition Results

Audition results will be sent by Monday via email, with first rehearsals for Men's and Women's Choirs on Wednesday, 08/19/2020. Chorale's first meeting will be Tuesday, 08/18/2020. Be aware that depending on which group you make it into, you may need to change your class schedule.

Audition Dates and Times

Auditions will occur on the following days for the 2020-2021 School Year:

  • Friday 8/14/2020 from 1:00pm-8:00pm
  • Saturday 8/15/2020 from 10:00am-5:00pm
  • Sunday, 8/16/2020 from noon-8:00pm (callbacks only)


All members of the choral program will need to purchase the appropriate designated performance attire; more information will be provided at the first rehearsal.

Choirs and Rehearsal Times

Chorale - MWF, 1:00-1:50; TR, 12:30-1:50. "Mixed Choir, Section 1" in online registration system.

Women's Choir - MWF, 2:00-3:20 "Mixed Choir, Section 3" in online registration system. Note this is technically the same section in the computer as the Men's Choir, but it meets separately.

Men's Choir - MWF, 2:00-3:20 "Mixed Choir, Section 3" in online registration system.

Choral Faculty

Dr. Joshua Bronfman, Director of Choral Activities, Chorale and Women's Choir

Dr. Sandy Hinkley, Associate Director of Choral Activities, Men's Choir

If you have any questions about auditions, email Dr. Joshua Bronfman at