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An abstract gives a brief summary of your topic (75-100 words), with a stated argument or a clear idea of what your research is about. It should also state what your (expected) outcomes are or why your project is significant to your field. If applicable, state how it is part of a larger or ongoing project. The abstract is intended to give reader's a clear idea of what you are presenting. 

Please view the sample abstracts below. Should you need additional guidance, contact URS@SHSU.EDU

Helpful Tips

The URS is a multi-disciplinary conference (as opposed to a specialist conference); therefore, while you will be speaking to educated people, most of them will not be familiar with your subject or your field of study. Tailor your presentation so that anyone can understand it.

Imagine presenting it to your parents or to a professor in another department:

  • What terms do you need to define?
  • What contextual information do you need to include?

We strongly encourage all students to seek advice from your faculty advisor on your presentation.   

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