Admission Criteria for the Nursing Program

Admission Requirements for the School of Nursing:

  1. Be an accepted student to SHSU through Undergraduate Admissions.
  2. Complete ≥ 30 credit hours in Nursing Prerequisite courses and Texas Core Requirements with a GPA ≥ 3.0 prior to application deadline (At least 20 credit hours must be from Nursing Prerequisite Courses).  See the BSN Curriculum Plan.
    • Students can be accepted in the School of Nursing on a conditional basis if an applicant has no more than two Nursing Prerequisite in progress the semester after the application deadline (Summer term for Fall admission and Fall term for Spring admission).
  3. Have a ≥ 3.0 GPA in Nursing Prerequisites the time the application closes.
    • Sciences courses (BIOL & CHEM) must be seven (7) years fresh. Nutrition does not count as a science course. This does not apply to current LVN-BSN or RN-BSN applicants.
    • Anatomy and Physiology courses must be a matching set. i.e. Human Anatomy and Human Physiology are a set. Human Anatomy & Physiology I and Human Anatomy & Physiology II are a set. They cannot be interchanged.
    • All science courses must be 4 credit hours each (lecture and lab). Lecture and lab courses that are separate are allowed, but the two grades will be averaged together.
    • Only two (2) graded attempts of a Science course is allowed.  A third graded attempt of any science course (BIOL and CHEM only) will disqualify the student when applying to the School of Nursing with the exception of a course expiration.
    • College Algebra requirement is equivalent to MATH 1314 or higher. College Mathematics (MATH 1332) is not accepted.
    • MATH, STAT, or PSYC based statistics is accepted.
    • Dual-credit and AP credit for math and sciences are discouraged, but accepted.
    • RN-BSN applicants should email the nursing advisor for transcript review, as substitutions could be made. 
  4. Have ≥ 3.0 GPA in all degree requirements (Includes Nursing Prerequisites and Texas Core Requirements completed) .
    • If you are "core complete" with another public, Texas institution, you will be considered "core complete" at SHSU.)
    • No grade less than ‘C’ will be accepted for any nursing degree requirement. If a letter grade lower than 'C' is received for a nursing degree requirement, the course must be re-taken with a letter grade of 'C' or higher by the time the application closes.
  5. ATI TEAS (TEAS VI) Overall Score must be ≥ 70. Each subject area must be ≥ 55. Reading and Math sub-scores will be used at a higher rate than other subject areas. We cannot use a Reading or Math TEAS sub-score from a test that Overall Score and/or Subject Area Scores did not meet the minimum requirements.
    • The TEAS exam may be taken every 30 days prior to the application period to which you are applying.
    • During the application period the TEAS exam can only be taken one (1) time.
    • Student will submit one TEAS report during the application (pre-licensure BSN and LVN-BSN).
    • TEAS V scores will no longer be accepted.
  6. Submit required immunizations with your application.
  7. Student must follow all steps on nursing application page. Failure to follow instructions will result in the application receiving a lower ranking.
  8. Students are conditionally accepted pending compliance with clinical readiness requirements (immunizations, CPR, and health insurance, physical exam, background check, and drug screen).

All questions about nursing criteria should be sent to Email is the preferred method of communication.

Application Deadlines

Traditional BSN and LVN to BSN Application Dates:

  • Fall 2019:  March 1, 2019 - May 1, 2019 (selection is not made until after June 1, 2019)
  • Spring 2020:  July 1, 2019 - September 1, 2019

RN to BSN Application Dates: 

  • Ongoing; Students can begin fall, spring or summer
  • For more information, please email

Steps to Apply

Read ALL steps below; failure to follow instructions will lead to the application receiving a lower ranking.

1.  Apply to SHSU for the semester you wish to begin the program and be accepted. Please note:  Acceptance to SHSU can take up to 2 weeks once you pay the required application fee of $45 and submit official transcripts from all prior institutions attended.  Also, if you applied for a prior semester at SHSU and did not take courses at SHSU, you must reapply to the university for the semester you wish to begin the program.  If you have AP and/or CLEP credit for prerequisite courses, you will need to submit your official score report to SHSU.  You can email SHSU Admissions at for more information.

2.  After being accepted to SHSU, apply to SHSU School of Nursing through NursingCAS. Applicants must meet admissions requirements.  Student will include evidence of required immunizations (one PDF), official transcripts and TEAS scores (Individual Performance Profile) in their NursingCAS application.  Please note:  Nursing application will not open in NursingCAS until the beginning of the application period.

All communication for the SHSU School of Nursing application will be through your SHSU email account. We will not contact you on your personal email about your acceptance/denial, and/or any of your document submissions. For questions or additional information, please email