Environmental and Geosciences

Chuck Caughey Scholarship
Chuck Caughey Geoscience Scholarship Endowment

"Through the Chuck Caughey Geoscience Scholarship Endowment, Caughey will provide geology students with scholarship funding to complete their degree and begin satisfying careers in the field."

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For information on scholarship opportunities, see the Scholarships link under Current Students or click here.

  • Chandan Rasaily
    Chandan Rasaily
    "The experienced professors and interactive classes helped to provide me with a quality education and that allowed me to learn and understand GIS applications/tools and its real-world uses"
  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez
    "In addition to an understanding unattainable by a textbook, traveling with SHSU geography faculty taught me other valuable lessons that only come from experience."
  • Brittney Liesmann
    Brittney Liesmann
    "It only took one geography course for me to know it was exactly what I wanted in a career."
  • Michelle Harris
    Michelle Harris (Geography B.S. Graduate, 2016)
    "The Geography Department at Sam Houston State 'found' me."
  • Danny Schmidt
    Danny Schmidt (Geology B.S. Graduate, 2019)
    "The geological background and skills I learned during my time with the department were invaluable to me in my postgraduate career."
  • Jeff Cook
    Jeff Cook (Geology B.S. Graduate, 2009)
    "Sam Houston State University Environmental and Geosciences program provided me with more than a degree."
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Geology faculty at SHSU and LSC have been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to increase participation in the Geosciences.



  • Q: What kinds of opportunities are there for research?

    The department offers a wide array of opportunities to work with individual faculty members on their projects and grants or through lab teaching assistantships, field assistantships and internship opportunities. In addition, there are university sponsored opportunities for students to embark on their own research. Reach out to a faculty member with similar interests.

  • Q: How does one get involved in student organizations?

    Geology has two orgs: SHAGS (SH Assoc of Geology Students) and AAPG (American Assoc of Petroleum Geologists); Geography is GOSH (Geographers of Sam Houston) and Environmental Science has SEA (Student Environmental Alliance). Please call 936.294.1451 for contact information or see informational bulletin boards on the 3rd floor of the Lee Drain Building.

  • Q: Can I complete a degree entirely online?

    Environmental Science and Geology are very hands on and lab-intensive degrees that require students to be face-to-face for classes. Geography does offer a broad range of courses online but to complete the degree, some campus time will be necessary. It is possible to complete a minor in Geography online and our Professional Master’s in GIS is offered online to those with a minimum of 2 -3 years work experience.

  • Q: If you are majoring in Geology, Geography, or Environmental Science, how do I get advised?

    We advise all of our own students. Please email Dr. Brian Cooper for Geology, Dr. John Strait for Geography, or Dr. Ross Guida for Environmental Science, to be assigned an advisor.