English Graduate Student Success Stories

success stories

The Sam Houston State University English MA Program proudly celebrates the accomplishments of its recent graduates, who have gone on to doctoral and MFA programs, professorships, law degrees, and corporate management and communications positions. 

Their scholarly and creative work appears in national and international publications. 

We are also proud of our many MA graduates who teach in local two-year colleges and public and private high schools. 

Travis Franks (MA 2012): PhD Student, Arizona State University 

Timothy Ponce (MA 2012): PhD Student, University of North Texas 

Tyler Segura (MA 2012): PhD Student, Drexel University 

William Tunningley (MA 2012): PhD Student, Oklahoma State University 

Heather Brown (MA 2011): PhD Student, Irish Literature, Kent State University 

Rachel Bryant (MA 2011): PhD Student, English, University of New Brunswick 

Christopher McCracken (MA 2011): PhD Student, Rhetoric and Writing, Kent State University 

Timothy Regetz (MA 2010): PhD Student, Medieval Studies, University of North Texas 

Allison Sigler (MA 2010): PhD Student, English as a Foreign Language, The Ohio State University 

Brandon Strubberg (MA 2010): PhD Student, Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Texas Tech University 

Robert Uren (MA 2010): MFA Student, Virginia Polytechnic University 

Dana Allen (MA 2009): Communications Manager, Girls Scouts of Northern California 

Valerie Bell (MA 2009): MA (2011), Speech Pathology and Audiology, South Carolina State University 

Regina Bouley (MA 2009): MLS Student, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis 

Brandon Cooper (MA 2009): PhD Student, Sociolinguistics, University of South Carolina

Bernadette Russo (MA 2009): PhD Student, English, Texas Tech University

Andrew Husband (MA 2009): PhD Student, Literature and the Environment, Texas Tech University 


“The Environment of the Moment: Non-Places in Martin McDonagh’s The Beauty Queen of Leename.” Texas Theatre Journal 6 (January 2010): 1-13. 

“Postcolonial ‘Greenery’: Surreal Garden Imagery in Nuruddin Farah’s Maps.” Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature and the Environment 17.1 (Winter 2010): 78-83. 

Josh Bowen (MA 2008): MFA (2012), Creative Writing-Fiction, New Mexico State University 

Senior Development Writer, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 

Jose de la Garza (MA 2008): PhD Student, English, Miami University of Ohio 

Melanie Sweeney-Bowen (MA 2008): MFA (2012), Creative Writing-Fiction, New Mexico State University 

PhD Student, Creative Writing and Literature, University of Houston 

Jon Nelson (MA 2007): PhD Student, English, Rice University 

Zach Vande Zande (MA 2007): PhD Student, Creative Fiction, University of North Texas 

Production Editor, American Literary Review 


Apathy and Paying Rent (Vancouver: Loose Teeth Press, 2008) 

Katherine Echols (MA 2006): PhD Student, English, University of Houston 

Frances Crawford Fennessy (MA 2006): PhD Student, Composition and TESOL, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Chair, Department of English and Foreign Languages, Director of ESOL, Odessa College 

Urania Fung (MA 2006): MFA (2009), Creative Writing, Texas State University at San Marcos

Assistant Professor, Tarrant County College Northeast 


“Mist Wraith.” Ages of Wonder. Ed. Julie E. Czerneda and Rob St. Martin. New York: DAW Books, 2009. 

“The Right to Eat Decent Food.” The Dragon and the Stars. Ed. Derwin Mack and Eric Choi. New York: DAW Books, 2010. 

Kimberly McCullough (MA 2006): Quality Improvement Specialist, The Copernicus Group, IRB 

Michelle Nichols (MA 2006): PhD (2010), Literature and Creative Writing, University of Southern Mississippi 

Selected Publications: 

“Descension.” Hattiesburg: The Center for Writers Product 22 (2008): 128-131. 

“The Lament of the Fire Baton Twirler.” Squid Quarterly 18 Aug 2009. (Pushcart Prize Nominee) 

“The Leif Year.” Hattiesburg: The Center for Writers Product 21 (2007): 121-140. 

“Pumpjack.” Juked 7 (2010): 29-42. 

“Visitation.” The Distillery 15.2 (2008): 69-77. 

Matt Davis (MA 2005): PhD Student, American Literature, University of Oklahoma 

Melinda Freeman (MA 2005): JD (2009), University of Maryland-Baltimore 

Associate, Law Office of Ellen P. Rosenberg PA 

Tamara Hill (MA 2005): Internal Communications Program Manager, Human Resources Division 

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Ryan Hoover (MA 2005): PhD (2009), Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Texas Tech University 

Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, St. Edward’s University 


“The Impact of NSF and NIH Websites on Researcher Ethics.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 40.4 (2010): 403-27. 

“Origins of Continental Drift Theory and the Influence of Rhetoric.” Young Scholars in Writing–Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric 2 (Fall 2004): 84-93. 

Michelle Martinez (MA 2005): MLS (2007), University of North Texas 

Assistant Professor of Library Science, Sam Houston State University 

Ritu Raju (MA 2005): PhD (2010), Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Texas Tech University 

Nate Roberts (MA 2005): PhD Student, English with Concentration in Religion and Literature, Baylor University 

Gary Wilkens (MA 2005): PhD (2010), Literature and Creative Writing, University of Southern Mississippi 

Assistant Professor, West Virginia University Institute of Technology 

Selected Publication: 

The Redlight Was My Mind (Huntsville: Texas Review Press, 2007). 

success 2Steve Kaminczak (MA 2004): Assistant Director, University Writing Center, Texas A & M University 

Will Wright (MA 2004): PhD (2009), Literature and Creative Writing, University of Southern Mississippi 

Founding Editor, Town Creek Poetry 

Coeditor, The Southern Poetry Anthology 

Selected Publications: 

Dark Orchard (Huntsville: Texas Review Press, 2006) 

The Ghost Narratives (Georgetown: Finishing Line Press, 2008) 

Paullett Golden (MA 2002): PhD (2005), English, Texas A & M University at Commerce 

Tammy Walker (MA 2002): PhD (2007), Creative Writing, University of North Texas 

David Sutton (MA 2001): PhD (2010), Rhetoric, Texas Woman’s University 

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