Disbursements and Travel Services

The Office of Disbursements & Travel Services seeks to create a trusting environment with employees who are committed to professional development and outstanding service while meeting their responsibilities for the prompt payment of invoices and travel reimbursements. We aim to keep the University community informed and compliant with Sam Houston State University policy by providing courteous and attentive service.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Disbursements & Travel Services is to promote fiscal responsibility and accountability over the expenditure of University funds. To accomplish this mission our office provides advice to the University community regarding policies and procedures applicable to expenditure processing. Our office makes every effort to produce vendor payments as well as auditing and processing travel reimbursements for all employee travel in a timely and accurate manner. Close communication and cooperation between Sam Houston State University's departments and the Office of Disbursements & Travel Services is essential to ensure the University's compliance with state laws dealing with prompt payment. Additionally, the Office of Disbursements & Travel Services conducts periodic training sessions to better inform the University Departments regarding travel rules and regulations.