English Department

  • Prof. Nick Lantz reads from his poetry
    Prof. Nick Lantz reads from his poetry
  • Students participate in a creative-writing workshop
    Students participate in a creative-writing workshop
  • Dr. Strubberg - Lt. Croft GIS HPD
    Dr. Strubberg’s Intro to Technical Writing - ENG 3330 in collaboration with Lt. Croft of the GIS unit at HPD work on the unit’s operations and marketing materials for presentations, brochures, and flyers. Featured in Today@Sam’s article here: https://www.shsu.edu/today@sam/T@S/article/2020/policepartnership
  • For Humanity / Pauline Hopkins Event
    For Humanity/Pauline Hopkins event 2/24/20. Left to Right: JoAnn Pavletich, University of Houston-Downtown; Joycelyn Moody, University of Texas-San Antonio; Alisha Knight, Washington College; Ira Dworkin, Texas A & M University; Bernadette Pruitt, SHSU; and our very own Senior Research Scholar, Dr. John Gruesser.
  • President White visits Iris Technical Communication Suite
    Left Picture: President White, Dr. Blackburne, and Dr. Strubberg discussing prior and present research projects. Right Picture: President White engaging with Marnie Hageman, an English Master's student, about her position as the Managing Editor of The Measure: A Journal of Undergraduate Research.

Welcome to the English Department

English forms the cornerstone of the humanities. In a variety of courses in literature, writing, and the English language, SHSU English students find a source of personal enrichment, and they develop verbal, analytical, and cultural skills readily adaptable to a variety of careers. English students learn to write with grace and precision, to read and analyze texts with accuracy, to conduct research and organize a welter of materials, to speak and listen well-in short, to sharpen their critical thinking and critical inquiry skills. These skills are highly valued by prospective employers. When our graduates leave SHSU with a degree in English, they are prepared for career opportunities or advanced study in technical and professional communication, teaching, journalism, government service, editing, law, and business.