English Department

  • Dean Abbey Zink and Dr. Brian Blackburne at the grand opening of the Iris Suite
    Dean Abbey Zink and Dr. Brian Blackburne at the grand opening of the Iris Suite
  • Prof. Nick Lantz reads from his poetry
    Prof. Nick Lantz reads from his poetry
  • Students participate in a creative-writing workshop
    Students participate in a creative-writing workshop
  • Dr. Strubberg - Lt. Croft GIS HPD
    Dr. Strubberg’s Intro to Technical Writing - ENG 3330 in collaboration with Lt. Croft of the GIS unit at HPD work on the unit’s operations and marketing materials for presentations, brochures, and flyers. Featured in Today@Sam’s article here: https://www.shsu.edu/today@sam/T@S/article/2020/policepartnership
  • For Humanity / Pauline Hopkins Event
    For Humanity/Pauline Hopkins event 2/24/20. Left to Right: JoAnn Pavletich, University of Houston-Downtown; Joycelyn Moody, University of Texas-San Antonio; Alisha Knight, Washington College; Ira Dworkin, Texas A & M University; Bernadette Pruitt, SHSU; and our very own Senior Research Scholar, Dr. John Gruesser.

Welcome to the English Department

English forms the cornerstone of the humanities. In a variety of courses in literature, writing, and the English language, SHSU English students find a source of personal enrichment, and they develop verbal, analytical, and cultural skills readily adaptable to a variety of careers. English students learn to write with grace and precision, to read and analyze texts with accuracy, to conduct research and organize a welter of materials, to speak and listen well-in short, to sharpen their critical thinking and critical inquiry skills. These skills are highly valued by prospective employers. When our graduates leave SHSU with a degree in English, they are prepared for career opportunities or advanced study in technical and professional communication, teaching, journalism, government service, editing, law, and business.

Black Lives Matter

Anti-Black racism and injustice persists in our nation, impacting all areas of society, including our systems of education. The Department of English at SHSU stands in solidarity with our colleagues and students who are expressing their pain, anger, fear, and frustration with systems that oppress Black lives, and we support Black leaders and thinkers who are fighting these injustices. We acknowledge we have work to do, and we aspire to be Anti-Racist by challenging racism through our teaching, mentorship, and department-wide practices, as well as by promoting a culture of openness and free thought. The English Department commits to building a more diverse, inclusive, and progressive space for students, faculty, and staff, as we work toward redressing racial inequalities.