Sam Houston Memorial Museum

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum is a fifteen-acre complex located on the site of the homestead of General Sam Houston. The museum is a combination of historic buildings, beautiful grounds and traditional museum gallery-style buildings.  

The museum team is dedicated to preserving the memory of Sam Houston and they work tirelessly to share his legacy with the community through special events and programming. From field trips to workshops to living history displays, Sam Houston’s vibrant history and his impact on Texas is every where. In 2018 alone, the museum hosted more than 124 school tours and groups which resulted in approximately 10,000 scheduled visitors. 

Peter Grivich 2019 Staff Excellence Award

PeterGrivichServing as groundskeeper for the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, Peter Grivich manages 15 acres of beautiful property and wildlife.

Grivich was one of four staff members chosen for the 2019 Staff Excellence Award for demonstrating excellence in service, his proven commitment, commendable performance and a high level of motivation.

Grivich is consistently recognized for spearheading new additions to the park. His most notable contributions include creating a wildflower area between the Walker Education Center and the historic homes, designing and constructing an artificial river through the middle of the museum grounds, and forming a maple tree grove on the south side of the duck pond.

He also frequently coordinates prison workers, community service helpers, and trains many student employees on the importance of ground maintenance and preserving the environment.

Comments supporting his nomination included:

“Peter is extremely efficient managing 15 acres of land. This is no easy feat. This includes grooming yards, the wildflower areas, manicuring flower beds, a lake, a river, managing all of the sprinkler systems, and so much more. It is a difficult schedule especially trying to anticipate mother nature. Peter excels in keeping the museum beautiful.”

“His work motivates him. He has a passion for the grounds and it shows in his daily operations.”

“He has worked as grounds keeper for many years and has created an incredibly beautiful, natural haven for students and the public to enjoy. He truly gives honor to the greatest Texas hero that ever lived.”

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