All Paws In

Bearkat All Paws In is the largest volunteer initiative at Sam Houston State University each year. On April 4, hundreds of students will dedicate their time to participating in various projects across the Huntsville area. The purpose is certainly honorable—to organize a day of service to express the students’ gratitude for support from the surrounding community.

Hosted by the Student Government Association, All Paws In unites dozens of student organizations under a banner of service.

“Most of the time we are inviting the community to come to us, come to our athletic events, come to our theatre, or come to our academic engagements and things like that,” said Dean of Students John Yarabeck. “This time, we are intentionally going to them and putting to work the motto of the university and that is what we always want to instill in students. This event is a great way for them to impact the Huntsville area.”

Since 2010, volunteers have given over 10,000 hours of community service to the university and Huntsville community on worthwhile projects which have included city clean-ups, house repairs, pond dredging, and assistance to elderly residents with a variety of tasks.

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